DaVinci Resolve is known for its flexibility and user-friendly interface, making it a favorite among motion designers. The range of wedding templates available for DaVinci Resolve has truly outdone itself, offering many styles to suit every wedding theme.

Our curated list of the top 10 DaVinci Resolve Wedding Titles Templates is designed to save you time and enhance your creative process. These templates are not only visually stunning but also incredibly easy to use, allowing you to customize them to fit your specific needs.

From elegant calligraphy to floral designs, each template adds a unique flair to your wedding videos, making them unforgettable.

We understand that every wedding video is a story of love and celebration, and the right titles can elevate this narrative. That’s why we’ve selected templates that not only look beautiful but also resonate with the emotions of the big day.

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1. 12 Wedding Titles


This DaVinci Resolve wedding titles template offers 12 elegant, customizable titles for wedding videos. Compatible with DaVinci Resolve 17+, it features Full HD resolution, and MOGRT files, and includes a video tutorial. No plugins required.

2. 50 Wedding Titles


50 Wedding Titles is a perfect collection of unique hand-drawn illustrations for wedding photographers and videographers. This DaVinci Resolve wedding title template is also a great choice for anniversaries, wedding invitations, and photo slideshows. Download these wedding titles today to enhance those cherished moments.

3. 6 Wedding Titles Pack


Enhance your wedding videos with the 6 Wedding Titles Pack, a high-quality, modern, and clean design template for DaVinci Resolve 16 and above. It’s fully customizable with editable colors, text, in & out duration, and scalable to any size and resolution. No plugins are required.

4. 20 Wedding Titles


This Wedding Titles Pack for DaVinci Resolve offers 20 customizable titles, perfect for creating floral and minimal wedding titles. It’s user-friendly: simply select a design, type your text, or enhance scenes with the included wedding light leaks. This pack combines ease of use with full-color customization, featuring wedding text animations and floral designs.

5. White Wedding Titles


This is a simple and easy-to-use DaVinci Resolve Wedding Template with 5 romantic wedding titles. You can easily customize them inside DaVinci Resolve without using any third-party plugin.

6. 12 Animated Wedding Titles


This DaVinci Resolve template elevates your wedding, love story, or romantic memories with beautifully crafted titles. It includes 12 stunning animated titles, ready to enhance your next project with ease. Simply swap in your text, tweak as necessary, and you’re set to impress. There’s no need for third-party plug-ins.

7. 20+ Wedding Titles


This template was created with elegance, respect, and simplicity in mind. It mixes smooth, hand-drawn pictures with text for a beautiful look and also includes smooth animation effects to make the text come alive. What makes this template special is that every detail, including each leaf, has its own unique animation, adding to its sophisticated and graceful appearance. If you’re making a wedding-themed video, this template is sure to give it an artistic and classy touch.

8. Romantic Wedding Titles


Wedding Romantic Titles is a vibrant and smooth template. It’s designed to be super easy to customize. You can edit the text, choose different fonts, and change colors without needing any extra plugins. It’s perfect for love messages, wedding credits, romantic titles, and more.

9. 30 Wedding Titles


Designed especially for DaVinci Resolve, this wedding titles pack is great for weddings, engagements, anniversaries, and romantic tales. It’s super easy to use – just change the text and date to customize it. It comes with a video tutorial, works with any video resolution, and is even compatible with 60 fps videos.

10. Colorful Wedding Titles


Wedding Titles is a vibrant and smooth template that’s very simple to customize. You can edit the text, change the fonts, and adjust the colors easily without any need for additional plugins. It’s perfect for expressing love, adding credits to wedding videos, creating romantic titles, and more.

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