Digital Cinema Package with Neo DCP Player

A Digital Cinema Package consists of files that are required by Digital Cinema Projectors to run any kind of video or audio. Unlike your home computer, a cinema projector cannot run an mp4, mov and any other commonly used formats. But, your home computer can easily play a Digital Cinema Package and for that, you need a DCP player. Neo DCP Player is one of the best and most stable Digital Cinema Package player that delivers accurate results and amazing features.

You can use Neo DCP Player to check and test your DCP very easily. It can play encrypted as well as un-encrypted DCP’s and you don’t even need expensive hardware to do so.

Recently, Neo DCP contacted me and offered 3 months free license of Neo DCP Player Professional version for testing purpose. They wanted me to utilize as well as learn and discover more about the features that I was not able to access in the trail version.

To run a Digital Cinema Package with Neo DCP player, you need to have your own DCP. If you don’t know how to create one, check out How to Create DCP or Digital Cinema Package.

The second thing you require is the software itself. You can either purchase it or download the trail version. Please note that the trail version is only limited to certain features. I recommend buying a licensed version to access all the amazing features of Neo DCP Player.

Run a Digital Cinema Package with Neo DCP Player

Purchase / Download Trial

Before you run a DCP, make sure to change color transform setting by going into Settings > Color Settings and changing color transform to  XYZ to sRGB.