Currently we are working on a commercial video for a college and we really wanted to shoot some high quality cinematic footage. Since we only had tripods, it was not possible to get some moving shots. Moreover, the overall project was based upon a college, which includes the entire infrastructure along with faculty and students interviews.

Recording everything still, on a tripod or just panning around is boring. The entire magic is the parallax you get while your camera slides either on a slider or a trolley. Since the overall budget of the project was quite low, we decided to go for DIY Camera trolley and a slider instead of investing a huge amount of money on professional equipments.

Our DIY Camera equipments includes a trolley and a small slider. Usually, the professional sliders available in the market slides on a track/rail system, but our DIY slider stand as well as slides on 4 low friction ball bearing wheels.

We also drilled a 1/4-20 (1/4″ diameter, 20 threads per inch) screw to the base of the slider to secure the camera. The mechanism can further be enhanced with a ball head to pan or tilt the camera while sliding the slider.

DIY Camera Trolley and Slider

DIY Camera Slider | Picture Courtesy – Farhan Khan

Also, the DIY Camera trolley was a simple piece of wooden board and a steel frame with wheels on it. The tripod goes on the wooden board and then the entire system can be moved in any direction.

DIY Camera Trolley and Slider

DIY Camera Trolley | Picture Courtesy – Farhan Khan

We spent not more than $15 on both the equipments, i.e. DIY Camera trolley and the slider. And, they work just like any other professional equipments worth hundreds of dollars.