DJI Mavic – DJI’s First Compact, Personal Flying Camera

The Mavic is DJI’s first compact, personal flying camera. Ultimate image quality and ultimate portability combine in one revolutionary device that will stay with you, whenever you need it to capture that sudden burst of inspiration.


Unveiled today, DJI Mavic is about half the size and weight of DJI’s flagship unit, the Phantom. But it’s much slimmer, because the props holding the rotors fold in over the body, making the whole profile small enough to fit into a backpack.

The amazing thing about the Mavic Pro is that, while it shrinks the physical form factor of a DJI drone down significantly, it doesn’t sacrifice any of the advanced features that make the Phantom series so popular. You still get sensors on the front and bottom, providing you with obstacle avoidance, subject tracking, autonomous landing, and stability indoors without GPS.

Specs & Features

  • 24 high performance computing cores.
  • 5 Vision Sensors to help with optical avoidance.
  • 4k Camera, 12 Mega Pixel sensors and 3 axis gimbal.
  • 27 Min battery life
  • Precision hover / super stable
  • Tap To Fly / Gesture Control
  • Fly by phone or remote or use the new DJI Goggles.
  • Sports mode which lets you fly up to 40 mph without obstacle avoidance.


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