Last year, December 2nd, Andrew Kramer from Video Copilot released Version 2 of Element 3D plugin. The new update offered tons of new features. But now, those already having Element 3D V2 will be able to upgrade to the newer Element 3D V2.2 for no extra cost.

According to a tweet and a blog post on by Andrew Kramer, Element 3D V2.2 is coming soon and it will offer some new features for compositing, rendering, workflow and design. Plus some improved C4D (Cinema 4D) integration.

UPDATEElement 3D V2.2 is now available.

Here is the Official Element 3D V2.2 announcement tweet by Andrew Kramer.

You can read the official Blog Post here.

Apart from the updated features mentioned above, Element 3D V2.2 will also offer atleast 5 new impressive features which Andrew Kramer will reveal in upcoming days.

Those having Element 3D V2 will be able to upgrade to the latest V2.2 for free, but if you are still running V1.6, you can upgrade to V2 now and can get the new update when it is released.

Since the new update was announced in April 2015, we can expect the release date to be around June or July 2015.


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