Element 3D V2 Announced

It has been a little over 2 years since the release of Element 3D V1 and now Video Copilot is ready to launch the 2nd Generation of their amazing plugin – ‘Element 3D V2‘. Video Copilot announced the plugin on 23rd September on Twitter as well as their official blog on Video Copilot website.

Video Copilot team has worked exceptionally hard to try and bring incredible new features in Element 3D V2 that will save  time and create impressive results.

Take a look at the tweet below which was tweeted from the official Video Copilot twitter account.

The actual product details will be revealed on October 6 on Videocopilot.net and Element 3D V2 will be available in the month of November 2014. There will be a special upgrade pricing for previous owners of Element 3D V1 as well.

Read the entire announcement on Video Copilot Blog.

Update: Element 3D V2 First look is finally revealed, Visit First Look of Element 3D V2 New Features and Upgrades.

Update: Element 3D V2 release date is announced, Visit Element 3D V2 Releasing on December 2.

New Video Copilot Website

Andrew Kramer also announced the new Video Copilot Website. That means we may going to see a new design and maybe some new features added to the website.

Here is the official tweet about the new website design.


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