Video Copilot finally revealed the release date of Element 3D V2. According to a tweet by Andrew Kramer, founder of Video Copilot, Element 3D V2 will be available from December 2.

The Official Tweet:

Here is the official release date announcement on Video Copilot’s blog.

Yeah! I know I’m 2 days past my November goal but we are really happy with the progress and we needed the extra time to get everything dialed in! This update is insane!

What can I say, we like to push the limits of technology and features, but at the end of the day it is important that we release a product that is high quality!

Stay tuned for even more announcements as we reveal other big features! (and you’ll see why things took a little longer!)

We are also excited to announce the all new Pro Shaders 2! Now with massive 2K Maps and physical shaders plus the new Motion Design 2 model pack that was designed for Element 3D V2

Element 3D V2 First Look

In case you missed the first look of Element 3D V2, watch the video below.

Watch this Video on YouTube

Before you get your hands on Element 3D V2, here are few things to look into:

  • Make sure your Graphics card driver is up to date!
  • Think of all the cool things you will be able to create with V2!
  • Maybe check out a new graphics cards to get the most out of E3D V2


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