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If you have a long list of project to render in your render queue and you just don’t want to sit in front of the computer starring at your monitor, you can use the Render & Email After Effects Script to get notified when render has completed.

This script, Render and Email.jsx, renders all queued items in an open project and sends an e-mail report to indicate when the render has completed. It makes use of two other scripts that follow, email_methods.jsx (to send the e-mail properly) and Change Email Settings.jsx (which establishes the sender, recipient, and e-mail server); these two scripts are in the (support) subfolder of the Scripts folder on your disk.

You can also download Render and Email.jsx script below.

Download Script

This script does the following:

  • Establishes conditions under which the script will run. An open project with at least one item queued is required.
  • Checks whether Email settings are already saved in the preferences. If not, run the Change Email Settings.jsx script at Scripts > (Support) (via File > Scripts > Run Script File), which prompts the user for the mail gateway and sender and recipient addresses. (If there are saved settings that you need to change, you can always run the script to make new settings that overwrite the existing ones.)
  • Render the items in the render queue.
  • When rendering is complete, creates a text string for the e-mail message that contains the start time of the render, the render time of each item in the queue, and the total render time.
  • Emails the message, using the settings (such as the server) from the email_methods.jsx script
  • Displays an error if for any reason it is unable to send the mail.

A helper script, email_methods.jsx, creates an e-mail object, using the ExtendScript Socket object. For details of that utility.

Another helper script, email_setup.jsx, prompts the user for the server name, email sender, and e-mail recipient that are saved as Settings. You can run this script as standalone any time you want to change the settings.


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