Export 4K Video using Premier Pro

YouTube now allows you to upload 2K and 4K video. 4K is a very High Quality video and is sometimes also known as Quad HD video, since it’s 4 times larger than a Full HD video.

The most common rendering format for 2K or 4K is .dpx or Cineon Image Sequence, but YouTube only allows us to upload .mov and .mp4 standard formats.

Currently, Me and a friend are working on a 4K TimeLapse Video of few famous and known places in our town. You can check out a Screen Capture of my Workflow below. I used After Effects to render out a Cineon Image Sequence (.dpx) and then imported it into Premier Pro for further Editing Work.

Export 4K Video youtube

Video Tutorial by Unified Photography


    • You can increase the frame size from Full HD to 2k but it will only spoil the quality of your video since 2k is 2 times larger than 1080. I recommend not to do that since Full HD is one of the best and widely used resolution. 2K and 4K are mainly for theater purposes.


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