How much time does it take you to create 12 Lower Thirds in After Effects? Instead of wasting time creating and customizing text layers and separate compositions, someone came up with a different approach of creating Lower Thirds from a panel where you have everything in the same place including texts, fonts, colors, animation presets and more.

Lower Thirds Composer is a new After Effects Script which when executed, adds a separate dockable panel inside of After Effects. The script allows users to import a text file and automatically generate Lower Thirds based on start time and duration of visibility.


To install the script, extract the package, copy the files from the extracted folder and paste them into the ScriptUI Panels folder located at Adobe After Effects (your version) > Support Files > Scripts > ScriptUI Panels.

Additionally, it’s important to first open After Effects and within the Edit > Preferences > General, turn on “Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network” if not already enabled.

How it Works

Lower Thirds Composer offers a dockable panel. If you have your list of names in a text file, you can import it buy using the Import Texts button or add a list manually.

Lower Thirds Composer

Then choose an Animation Preset from the preset library to go with your Lower Third. Customize the Start Time for each lower third and set the duration to control how long each Lower Third stays on screen.

You can further choose the font, font size and font color. It even allows you to change the Animation presets individually.

Lower Thirds Composer

You can see how creating Lower Thirds can be an easy and fast task with Lower Thirds Composer After Effects Script.

Features/Benefits of Lower Thirds Composer

  • Create Lower Thirds from a panel rather than usual process of creating and customizing each composition individually.
  • Find Everything in the same place: Texts (that can be imported from a text file), fonts, colors, presets and more.
  • Add a long list of names with a simple file import.
  • Any list, no matter how long.
  • Customize all lower thirds in the same place, at once. No more search for compositions or edit each element manually.
  • Nicely designed and intuitive interface.
  • Fast workflow – no more deadline stress, no more time consuming, repetitive and boring tasks.
  • Simple workflow.
  • Works right out of the box. With a dozen of clicks you have your Lower Third done.
  • No plugins required.


Lower Thirds Composer is a great After Effects Script which allows users to save time and avoid repetitive tasks. You can buy it for just $22 USD.

The project is under continuous development and we can expect future updates with more features and add-ons.

To know more and to buy Lower Thirds Composer, visit THE PRODUCT PAGE.

Lower Third Templates

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