5 Reasons To Use The fayIN Plugin For After Effects

3D camera tracking and matchmoving is a very manual and complicated process. Usually. Or rather has been. Thanks to fayIN – fayteq’s plugin for Adobe After Effects – there’s now a handy solution to make the life of filmmakers pretty easy in this range of tasks.

fayIN is camera tracking and digital content integration combined in one plugin. Benefit from its new easy-to-use workflow inside After Effects. There is no need to import & export between different software environments anymore. fayIN reduces your production costs through high quality tracking results and a new and fast tracking and content-integration workflow.

fayIN is set to optimize your matchmoving workflow. Here are 5 reasons to use this innovative plugin for After Effects.

1. Simplicity & Integration

The fayIN plugin is becoming the standard all-in-one solution for ultra-fast matchmoving, combining camera tracking with the easy integration of 2D elements in videos. Different from other tools, the plugin is completely integrated in the After Effects software and workflow. So you don’t have to leave the software and can continue working in After Effects – even while the tracker is running.

2. Intuitive Handling & Speed

With common camera trackers, artists usually need a lot of practice to achieve decent results in the end. Whereas applying the fayIN effect to your footage in After Effects is one of the easiest things, done with just a few clicks:

  1. Simply select the target area for your insert in one frame of the video.
  2. Hit start for the fully automated camera tracking process.
  3. When the fast tracking process is finished, select your insert from your computer or After Effects project.
  4. Done!

Your insert is integrated within minutes. You think, you still need a little help? fayIN’s
beginner mode can guide you through the whole easy workflow. lIf you don’t need any
assistance, you can easily switch to the expert mode.

3. Free Positioning & Exchange

With fayIN, you can either simply position your insert in the masked area. Or you reposition it to wherever you want in the scene! The camera tracker generates a 3D world in the
background. This lets you integrate the insert everywhere in the video sequence. All without
tracking again. The integration and perspective will stay perfectly matched with the video
environment. And if the insert doesn’t fit, simply exchange the integrated footage. You also
can easily apply multiple tracks to one piece of footage, shown in this video:

4. Easy Adjustments & Tools

fayIN is not only an easy-to-use matchmoving plugin, it also comes with some convenient tools for further adjustments of insert and plane. It lets you manually adjust depth, orientation, rotation, scale and perspective in no time. fayIN’s tracking report additionally assists you and gives useful hints to reach the most realistic tracking results.

5. Support & Updates

fayteq puts a lot of effort in customer service and listens to the suggestions of their community. Since the launch of fayIN in September 2015, fayteq has released five feature and usability updates to make the users happy. The recent updates include e. g. faster text integration and an improved compatibility with Adobe Premiere. You can be sure to invest in a product that is well cared for by its development team.

Summing Up

So, if you like software that is intuitive to use and are in need of a proper tool for fast matchmoving jobs, you should check out fayIN for After Effects today.

fayIN for After Effects on Windows and Mac is available at Fayteq’s official website.