fayOUT – A New After Effects Tool For Object Removal In Videos

As soon as it is released, fayOUT will offer a widely automated approach to remove unwanted objects in Adobe After Effects.

It’s been a while since fayteq released some news about fayOUT, the tool for object removal in videos. Shortly before NAB Show in Las Vegas, the company announces some more-detailed information and first insights in fayOUT.

André Muennich, CEO at fayteq, introduced fayOUT: “With our patented object removal approach, we’re able to delete objects in videos a thousand times faster than existing ‘state-of-the-art’ technologies. We’re working on a user-friendly usability and some additional features yet, but fayOUT will definitely revolutionize the post-production area.”

We all know, object removal in videos is a tricky task. It’s inconvenient and time-consuming. Oftentimes, results are neither precise nor authentic enough. So, obviously, there are some aspects that could be improved. But what’s that revolutionizing, outstanding thing with fayOUT? Let’s have a look what fayteq announced.


fayOUT will be released as fully integrated plugin for Adobe® After Effects® CC. The plugin is supposed to be intuitive and easy to use – just like fayIN, the matchmoving pendant. Users should be able to achieve their results with just a couple of clicks, in a minimum of time and with as few user input as possible.

Reducing such a highly complex process, like object removal in videos to a user-friendly approach, takes time in software development. But I’m sure we are agreed that it’s definitely worth it.


fayOUT is full of automatization: Automatic camera-tracking to trace unwanted objects. Automatic detection of camera-settings. Automatic object removal and content fill. It seems like the user has nothing to do anymore. Just a few clicks here and there and the target object is airbrushed out. Just imagine…


fayOUT is claimed to become the fastest tool for object removal in videos on the market. With a removal speed of one frame per second, fayOUT is a thousand times faster than existing state-of-the-art object removal tools. Its high usability and automated approach are further time-savers.


fayOUT delivers high quality results. Objects are quickly and easily removed. fayteq’s patented technologies further enable a strong frame-to-frame coherence that avoids pixel errors and artifacts. Results should look absolutely convincing.

fayteq presents fayOUT as all-in-one solution for object removal from videos, easy to use, super-fast, and super-precise. If this is true and object removal becomes an easy-peasy task, they’ll definitely revolutionize post-production. Fingers crossed for fayOUT!

fayOUT in action: fayteq at NAB

You can visit fayteq at NAB Show from April 24th to 27th at booth SL5328, well-placed at the Plugin Pavilion (South Hall, Lower). At their booth, fayteq presents first sample videos of fayOUT. You’d better be there.


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