Jet Strike

Element 3D is a software which works natively inside of Adobe After Effects. It was developed by
The Jet Strike package is an add-on which contains various 3D models of Commercial as well as Military aircraft’s fully rigged and ready to take off.

The package also includes 2K as well as 4K Sky Maps, various sound effects, aerial images and aerial explosions stock footage. All these, when combined can create a powerful suite. The sound package contains various sound effects such as Jet Engines sounds, Missile sound effects, airplanes mechanical parts sound effects, aerial explosion sounds and much more.


The 2K and 4K maps can be an as an environment to cast reflections on you model to make it look more dynamic. The planes can be controlled and animated very easily all inside of After Effects. Mechanical parts are rigged and can be animated using keyframes.

There are number of High Quality models available in this package. Commercial jets, Military Jets and it also include drones.


Flying Slayer’s – An Element 3D Short Film

From couple a month’s ago, i am working on a Short CG (Computer Generated) Film, built entirely using Element 3D, After Effects and the Jet Strike Package. It is a film showcasing Dog Fight. I used various Jet Strike Package content to create this film such as the stock explosion footage’s, airplanes models, Sky Maps as well as the Sound Effects. It took me a while to figure out how to complete this project, but somehow i managed to complete it. All these tools when came together helped me create something which looked impossible few months ago.


Jet Strike Package when combined with Trapcode particular can create very powerful shots. It can be used to create smoke trails and clouds which gives a new dimension to your scene.

Watch the Teaser of ‘Flying Slayers’ below and encourage yourself to create something unique and WOW..!


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