With this package of 10 absolutely free After Effects Project Files, you can create end rolling credits for your film. The project files or so called templates are well organized and easy to customize. There are sufficient text holders to accommodate your cast and crew names. Also, each project files offers different styles of film credits.

The package contains 10 different project files for film credits and a font folder which includes 3 types of fonts – ‘CHILLER, helr47w and simpo’.

Update – This template was free for a limited time period only, but don’t worry, it only costs $5.99.

If you face any technical issues or the package isn’t downloading, feel free to post in the comment section below.

Buy Film Credits Template

Extended License – $14.99

Buy this 10 film credits pack with extended license. Licensee may use the Pack for any purpose, including paid-services, without any royalties. BUY HERE

10 Film Credits Help

How to Replace the Text

To replace the text go into “Insert Here your Film Credits” composition from project panel and double click on the text you want to edit and write your own text. After you finish press Enter to exit the ‘text mode‘.

If your text doesn’t match the context, select the modified text and press P for position and ‘play’ with the values.

How to Add Media into Placeholders

First step is to import media into After Effects. In order to do that double click on the empty space from Project Panel and select your media from computer. Then open the composition named “Placeholder” or “Insert First/Second Logo Here” and drag your media into the timeline of the composition.

You may need to scale up or down your media to fit up with the actual size of the composition. In order to do that, press S for Scale and ‘play’ with the values.

10 Free Film Credits After Effects Project Files is a third party package and Editing Corp. does not claim any creative rights. All credit goes to the creators of the Project Files / Templates.


  1. Thank you so much for this!! You’re a life saver. A video needed credits added quickly and this was perfect for my beginner After Effects skills. 🙂


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