Shadows got an all new style these days. If you are familiar with After Effects, you must have used or heard about the drop shadow effect. As the name suggests, it can be used to create shadows. But, long shadows are the future, they look more stylish and beautiful.

Unlike shadows, Creating long shadows in After Effects isn’t easy and there is no built-in preset or plugin for that. Though there is a manual method to create long shadows but it is very time consuming. For instance, you want to create long shadow of a text, firstly you need to convert that text layer into a shape layer, then add a replicator to it to replicate the layer which gives an illusion of long shadows. Sounds Easy? nah.

long shadows

This is where the Free Long Shadows Preset comes in handy, just like a drop shadows, you can drag and drop the Long Shadow preset on a layer and it will instantly and automatically create long shadows.

The preset is very easy to use and gives you control over many settings to manipulate the look of your long shadows. You can easily change the shadow color, length, angle, feathering, choke and opacity.

Update – Long Shadows Preset For After Effects was free for a limited time period only, but don’t worry, it only costs $3.

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To use the preset, type in “Long Shadows – Editing Corp” under Effects and Presets, then drag and drop the preset on your desired layer. Use the Effects Control panel to alter the settings.

free long shadows preset after effects

How to Install Long Shadows Preset in After Effects

To install the preset in After Effects, download and extract the package, then copy Long Shadows – Editing Corp.ffx in one of these folder considering your version of After Effects.

Windows – Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS5\Support Files\Presets 

Mac OS – Applications/Adobe After Effects CS5/Presets

The name of each folder should be according to your installed version of After Effects