There’s an old saying DON’T USE FREE WORDPRESS THEMES IF YOU WANT TO BUILD A HIGH AUTHORITY WEBSITE/BLOG. Though in reality, this statement is completely false and lacks evidence.

However, there are a lot of differences between Free WordPress Themes and Paid/Premium ones.

And when it comes to choosing one, you could potentially be left chasing your tail.

Free WordPress themes typically lack all the extra features, developer support, and other visually appealing stuff when compared to their paid counterparts.

But they are leaner and faster, thus boosting the speed of your website which helps it rank better on search engines.

Let’s take a look at other key differences between free and premium WordPress themes.

Free WordPress Themes Vs Premium WordPress Themes

Free WordPress ThemesPremium WordPress Themes
Totally free to download.Generally priced between $25 – $65.
Comes with limited features, which in turn makes them quicker to load.Packed with extra features but might suffer from ‘theme bloat’. Extra features affect loading speed thus making the overall website slow.
You may need some coding knowledge to get the best out of it.
No coding knowledge is required as it comes loaded with all the essential features
Installation and setup are easy.The initial setup can be complicated.
Can be optimized for SEO using the Yoast SEO plugin.Typically comes with an SEO plugin, however, Yoast SEO can be used as well.

The temptation to save your hard-earned money by getting a free WordPress theme can be immense.

However, unless you are truly low on cash, I recommend purchasing a premium WordPress theme from a high-end vendor like ThemeForest Marketplace.

And since we are talking about the ThemeForest Marketplace, every month they offer 2-3 premium WordPress themes available to download for free.

This page is updated with new free WordPress themes every month. Make sure to bookmark it for easy accessibility.

Free Premium WordPress Themes of March 2022

This month, ThemeForest is offering 2 high-end WordPress themes for your next web project, without having to pay a dime. TAKE A LOOK.

Industify – Industry WordPress Theme

Industify - Industry WordPress Theme

Industify is designed for all types of modern industry and construction websites.

This industry theme is perfect for every industrial branch, from the oil industry, metallurgy & construction to renewable energy.

Become a true industry leader, build your website with Industify.

The theme is built for ALL types of industries.

Whether it’s Aerospace, Agriculture, Chemical, Computer, Construction, Defense, Education, Energy, Food, Manufacturing Industry and etc.

Kayleen – Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Kayleen | Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Kayleen is a MinimalCleanCreative, and Multipurpose WordPress theme focused on content and usability and is suitable for all kinds of blog and magazine sites like personal blogs, photography, travel, food, etc.

It is Super FastLightweight, and SEO Optimized and helps you to get a better score on google.

Kayleen comes with Elementor Page Builder and several powerful custom widgets and a powerful options panel. It allows you to customize and design your site easily and beautifully with drag & drop.