Graphics Tablet, Drawing Tablet and Digital Tablet

Drawing Tablets also known as Graphics Tablet or Digital Tablets are similar to a Pen and Paper where we use a digital pen or stylus to draw on the tablet to create graphics, artworks, comic strips etc.

Professional artists prefer using Drawing Tablets since it gives much more control than a standard mouse. Moreover, the digital pen which comes with a Graphics tablet has a pressure sensitive tip and works like a normal pen.

There are a wide variety of tablets available in the market, but the most reputed ones are manufactured by Wacom. The Wacom tablets works with a wide variety of creative software’s like Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash etc.

Wacom Graphics Tablets come in different sizes and feature’s. Normally, there are two types of Drawing tablets that are available. One is the Pen and touch tablet where we use the digital pen to draw on a pad while looking at our computer screen. This pad is similar to the mouse pad of your laptop, but much larger in size. Wacom Bamboo tablets were the earlier version of Pen and Touch tablets which are now replaced by the new and latest Intuos Pro.

Wacom Graphics Tablet
Wacom Pen and Touch Graphics Tablet

Another type of tablet that you can purchase are Pen and Display tablets. These types of Graphics Tablets use a Pen and a High Definition LED Screen. That means, you can draw directly on the screen using the digital pen.

Wacom Pen and Display Graphics Tablet
Wacom Pen and Display Graphics Tablet

While the Pen and Touch tablets are cheaper and much affordable, the Pen and Display tablets are expensive and are mostly used by the professionals. For beginners, Pen and Touch tablets are recommended mainly because of their price and you can move to the more professional version later on.

So, if you are planning to buy a Graphics Tablet but confused to decide which one to buy, than take a look at the video below where Jazza (Draw with Jazza) will help you out with your little problem.

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