Professional Wedding Videography has opened new doors of creativity when it comes to capturing a wedding video. Every couple is a star on their wedding night and  Wedding Videos must be of the standard where memories are captured not only in High Definition but in style.

This gave birth to a new term, ‘Cinematic Wedding Videos’. Cinematic because the quality and overall look of the final Wedding Videos will give you a look of Motion Picture and you will feel as if you are watching a High budget Movie.

Earlier, standard definition camcorders were used to record weddings and their use was limited. Now, Videographers prefer using DSLR Camera’s and Professional Rigs like Stabilizers, dolly’s, Cranes etc. Few Videographers even use expensive cinema camera’s like RED and Black Magic which shoots at 2K and 4K.

Let’s take a look at few things to keep in mind before you hire a Professional Wedding Videographer for your wedding Video.

Search for Local Videographer’s

Find local Videographers or Studio’s that provides Cinematic Wedding Shoot services. Visit their place and ask them to show you a few of their previous works. It will give you an idea about the videographer’s skills and creativity.

Do some Research Online

Search Engines are our best friends when it comes to find out something. Do some research online about few other professional videographers. It is possible enough, you’ll end up on their websites. Make sure the website is well maintained and updated regularly. Browse through the portfolio section to check out their work. And, If you wish, contact them directly via E-Mail or Phone.

Compare Wedding Videos Pricing Packages

Spending money wisely is essential when it comes to a wedding since there are lots more other expenses apart from spending on a Wedding Video. Compare different pricing packages by different Videographers and see what suits your budget the best.

Get a Brief Overview of their Team Members, Equipment’s and Skills

A Videographer with a professional team, equipment’s  and camera’s along with skills are something you need to take a look at before finalizing him/her for wedding videos.

Make sure they use advance camera’s such as DSLR’s or other professional video cameras, Rigs such as cranes, dolly’s, stabilizers, tripods etc. Get a sample video from him and show it to all other members of your family.

Once you hire your Videographer for the Wedding Video, it is your duty to provide him space and let him work according to his own ways. Your Videographers knows What to shoot, When to Shoot and How to Shoot much better than you.

This doesn’t mean you cannot implement your own ideas with his/her. If your Videographer likes your views, he will definitely acquire it into the video.

Wedding Videos Shoot

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