Creating a new composition in Adobe After Effects can be a tricky task for someone who is new to the software, so i decided to create a tutorial to give you the basic idea on how you can create a new composition and start working with your editing work. Creating a composition depends on what type of video you are trying to make. So, before creating a composition, make sure you know the frame rate and the format of the video you want to create.

Start up your Adobe After Effects, then go to Compostion > New Compostion or use the Keyboard shortcut key CTRL + N to quickly open up the new composition settings windows. Once the composition settings window appears, you need to set all the settings according. Enter a name for your composition, then change the preset to the one that you want.

There are number of presets available to choose from. You can choose to create a standard definition video to Full High definition. After Effects also allows you to work on 2K or 4K resolution. You can set the frame rate of your composition according to your need by simply entering a custom value or using the dropdown menu to choose from some of the frame rate presets available. Now can set the duration of your composition and the click on ok to create the composition.


If you wish your composition settings such as format and frame rates to be same as your footage or video, what you can do is, import your video into After Effects. Go to File > Import File. Once you import your file, click on it, hold and drag it on the Create a new composition button as shown in the image below.


As soon as you  drag and drop the file on the create new composition button, it will create a composition whose format, duration and frame rate will be same as your file, footage or video.


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