If you want to create perfect PowerPoint presentations, then you should be aware of a few useful tips that we describe in the article!

Using basic PowerPoint templates is convenient when there is no time and opportunity to create or look for something original.

On the other hand, the presented options are usually very simple, unremarkable, and have few convenient elements for the compact display of information.

In addition, color combinations or fonts are most often out of date for a long time. And this is the main reason why it is worth regularly studying presentation design trends. With their help, each user will be able to create the perfect template for certain purposes.

The MasterBundles team of experts has compiled some useful tips on how to create efficient PowerPoint presentations. If you need to create such a presentation ASAP, check out PowerPoint templates at the marketplace. 

Visual Hierarchy

Let’s start with the most important — The Visual Hierarchy. This term implies the peculiarity of the arrangement of all elements in such a way that their priority and importance are immediately clear.

The main methods for achieving a competent hierarchy include:

  1. Use of contrasting colors.
  2. Custom text sizes, where more important details are in the larger font.
  3. Adjustment of the sizes of images, their imposing on each other.

Layout Design

In addition, it’s worth taking a responsible approach to the design of slides to make them as effective as possible.

First, you need to understand what is the most important message of the presentation to give it the most space.

For instance, if there are several slides of the same type with similar topics, then the final one should be spared a lot of text, but have a large illustration and a short capacious caption. This will allow the audience to remember it.

The second tip for layout design is the “Less is more!” rule. That is, if you have some key statistics in numbers, then:

  • Try to highlight the numbers as large as possible;
  • Don’t clog one slide with many numbers at once.


It’s impossible to discuss the creation of the perfect presentation without revealing the topic of fonts. And as usual, the experts have deduced a specific rule — “A good font will never catch your eye“.

And it’s true, that the more pretentious the letters, the harder they are to perceive; therefore the audience will simply stop reading the slides.

For example, designers consider Comic Sans one of the worst typefaces, it just can’t be easily read. But Roboto, Helvetica, Typewolf, Arial, or Gill Sans are considered the best choice.

A regular font will work for standard blocks of text, while bolding will provide emphasis on important details.

Check out:

Color Combinations

And, of course, the color scheme is the basis of any design.

However, the question of choice is difficult, because it is one thing to choose the contrast and another to make the colors suitable for the theme.

Rule of thumb: Bright and saturated tones are considered quite playful, dark tones or pure colors on a white background seem cool and more professional.

In general, any of the above examples are highly customizable, so you can use MasterBundles templates right away, rather than doing something unique.

Additional Important Details

And, finally, it is worth remembering a few more critical tips that will improve the presentation:

  • Be sure to use photographs to supplement the information (they must be of high quality and clear — professional stock images are perfect);
  • Try using icons, because they are ideal when there is little text, but the author of the presentation doesn`t want to add images;
  • If the presentation contains a lot of statistical information, then forget about blocks of text, it is preferable to use graphs and charts.

Also, remember about multimedia — if you`re presenting a specific product or process, then you can use a short video or GIF file that will show how it will work!