DIY LED Light Panel for Film Making

For Film Makers and Videographers, LED Light Panels play a crucial role since it helps to illuminate the scene and provide much better footage. For those who work outside, where finding a power source for the Light Panels is difficult, Battery operated LED Lights are available for them. Such Battery powered Outdoor LED Lighting offers LED Light Panels which are powered by a battery instead of a power source. Moreover, these High Quality LED Lights prevents flickering which can be observed in some other light panels.

But the main problem is the cost of these LED Light panels. They are way too costly, somewhere around $1200 and not every Film Maker and Videographer has the budget to afford one.

With very little knowledge and right guidance, you can create your own DIY LED Light Panel. The cost of creating a Light Panel at home is very low and will fit in every Film Maker and Videographer budget.

DIY LED Light Panel

List of Components Required

This amazing tutorial on How to Make a DIY LED Light Panel for Film Making is owned by DIY Perks and all credit goes to it’s creator.  Make sure you subscribe their YouTube channel for some more handy tutorials.


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