Videocopilot recently launched MotionPulse, a sound FX collection and Shockwave upgrade pack, HD particle FX package. Shockwave contains 50 High Definition Pre-Matte Particle FX Videos.

According to the Promo launched by Video Copilot, Shockwave HD is a Particle Stock Footage pack which are simulated using real world physics. The pack includes 50 animated Shockwave elements, Pre-Matte and High Definition.

Lets take a look at how you can use the Shockwave HD Particle FX pack and integrate it in your footage. Since the original file has black background, you need to create transparency. Also, these Particle FX are black and white and you can use the TINT effect to colorize it in any color.

You can also use the new Color Vibrance Plugin to colorize Shockwave.

Creating Transparency in Shockwave HD Particle FX

  1. Create  a new composition and import any Shockwave HD Particle FX video into the comp. Select the layer and duplicate it by going into Edit > Duplicate or use keyboard shortcut key CTRL + D.
    Shockwave HD Particle FX
  2. Change the Track Matte of the second layer to Luma Matte.
    Shockwave HD Particle FX
  3. The black background will be eliminated and transparency will be achieved. Now pre-compose both the layer into a single layer. To do that, select both the layer and go into Layers > Pre-compose or use keyboard shortcut key CRTL + SHIFT + C.
    Shockwave HD Particle FX

Colorizing Shockwave HD Particle FX

  1. After Pre-composing both the layer, add TINT effect to the pre-composed layer to colorize the Footage. Select the Pre-composed layer and go into Effects > Color Correction >Tint.
    Shockwave HD Particle FX
  2. Change ‘Map Black To’ as well as ‘Map White to’ to any color you want, this will colorize the footage to that particular color.
    Shockwave HD Particle FX
  3. The Final footage looks something like this.
    Shockwave HD Particle FX

Adding Glow to Shockwave HD Particle FX

To add glow, select the pre-composed layer and go into Effects > Stylize > Glow. This will add the glow effect. Increase the Glow radius a bit or according to your satisfaction.

Shockwave HD Particle FX


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