Online video is exploding at an insane rate.

Any B2B advertiser worried about marketing ROI and sales generation has to know how and when to utilize it. 

Take YouTube, for instance.

Second just to Google, YouTube has quickly risen as a simple to-utilize and dependable search tool.

It surpassed Yahoo as the second biggest search engine in 2008 and is presently the quickest growing media platform ever. 

Video marketing is quickly turning into a top marketing technique for B2B organizations.

What is holding you back from it?

Perhaps you are stressed that you don’t have the time to make videos or you might be worried about expenses.

Video content works truly well for B2B clients, especially for those who carry out more research and dedicate more time.

Online videos are 600 percent more successful compared to print and direct mail advertising combined.

In addition, 62 percent of B2B advertisers rate video as the most significant format they use for content creation.

Definitely more than email, infographics, or case studies. 

In the event that you are searching for a compelling and affordable marketing technique, video is truly unbeatable. 

The following are some of the effective B2B video marketing hacks that you can use to increase your sales.

Create An Onboarding Video For New Employees And Customers 

Increase B2B Sales

What does making an onboarding video have to do with boosting your sales?

Extraordinary employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82%, and keeping your staff educated and upbeat will permit them to contribute in a better way to your organization. 

When new workers have a superior comprehension of your organization’s mission and objectives, they’re more prepared to do work that will permit you to meet and look after them. 

A negative onboarding experience leads newly recruited employees to be 2x bound to search for different opportunities.

However, onboarding videos aren’t only for new employees, they’re also extremely effective in onboarding new clients. 

After new leads have effectively finished your sales funnel, and have transformed into paying clients, ask them to participate in an onboarding video.

Walk them through your product or service highlights, instruments, updates, and help them with their first task or order. 

A client onboarding video assists you to retain new clients and is a more powerful strategy compared to sending clients a long FAQ page.

Ensure that your onboarding video gives an outline of what you have to bring to the table.

It ought to be more centered around what you can do to help them as opposed to why they should choose you.

The fact that clients are watching this video implies that they’ve just considered you as their number one choice. 

Make A Product Demo Video For Sign Ups 

increase b2b sales

A demo video is essentially a sneak peek you send to prospective leads to convert them into clients. 

As a B2B organization, particularly when you’re selling software or products, not all clients are eager to “purchase to try.”

They can be uncertain about giving the free trial a go since it requires investing some time to overcome a learning curve.

Rather, send them a demo video encompassing all the features that can support their business.

Roughly 97% of advertisers state that video has helped clients get a superior comprehension of their products and services.

Seeing your product demo video gives clients confirmation that your features deliver what they talk about.

They can likewise save your sales team sometimes when they are pitching to clients. 

Make Easy-To-Understand Tutorial Videos 

increase b2b sales

It’s notable that videos have the ability to establish any brand or individual as a thought leader.

Youtube is a perfect representation of this statement.

Instructional videos permit you to teach your viewers (and prospective clients) with the goal that they can consider you to be a dependable hotspot for all their industry needs. 

There are two different approaches that B2B businesses can take to make tutorial videos.

You can either show individuals how to utilize your product for their business.

Or help them with different issues that are specific to their ventures. 

You can utilize a screen recorder to record tutorials on your device and Video Email to reach out to new clients and establish your place as a specialist in your industry. 

Offer Your Brand Story 

increase b2b sales

Sharing your brand story can enable your B2B organization to connect with your optimal target audience and push sales as you display the hard work that has built up your organization to where it is currently at. 

Seth Godin, a marketing specialist, quoted,

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories that you tell.”

This statement is especially applicable to B2B organizations.

Use the power of storytelling to increase your online presence and urge clients to put resources into what you have to offer them.

When you’ve finished your brand story, you can fuse it in your sales pitch, marketing channels, bio, and platforms like your site and blog. 

Create Customer Review Videos 

Create Customer Review Videos

Client reviews assume a crucial part in your B2B business.

Around 15% of online clients don’t confide in organizations without surveys, and who can blame them?

Reviews are held in high respect.

Research has found that 91% of twenty to thirty-year-olds trust online surveys as much as friends and family. 

If 72% of clients won’t make a move before they read a few reviews, then you should focus on having client reviews and testimonials easily accessible on all your online platforms. 

When you share your client’s success stories of overcoming adversity, it shows viewers that your administration and team are a dependable and worthy investment for their own organization.

You can show genuine individuals, real issues, and experience that your products and services immensely help to solve.

Make Case Study Videos 

Make Case Study Videos

As indicated by the Content Marketing Institute, the three significant marketing strategies for B2B organizations are in-person events, webinars, and case studies.

Case studies permit you to go in-depth, add insights, and reports about how your products or administrations helped a brand with a particular issue.

Executing case studies effectively requires recounting not only an incredible story but also supporting it with extraordinary customer experience.