In a world that follows the digital business infrastructure far and wide, it is becoming increasingly easy to market products and services and cost-effectively.

The digital marketing space offers much more focused marketing opportunities by gathering data and understanding likes, dislikes, and areas of interest. 

So, with access to specific demographics, we can not only sell our products to the right people, but we also have the ability to target the right audiences to battle social issues.

digital marketing

Tech offers smart solutions to businesses by streamlining processes, increasing efficiency, enhancing consumer experiences, and increasing revenue.

New tech brings with it new opportunities, and there are more and more ways to reach out to people and convey a message.

With online advertisements, you can capture the attention of specific sections of people that will be interested in contributing to your cause. 

As more and more people start using applications, more data is fed into them, and thus the algorithms driving these applications can make better decisions.

online advertisement

Using tools like video and photo video maker to catch the eye of the public to drive traffic is a growing trend in the content marketing space, and InVideo offers smart solutions to these needs. 

While the advertising space has a lot to benefit from the reach of the internet, we can also use the same to fight social issues we had problems dealing with before. 

Let us look at some problems that have existed for a long time and how the Internet of Things can actualize efforts and bring about a change in the social landscape.


Education has been a growing problem in many countries.

As population increases, budgets to fund the infrastructure for schools aren’t able to keep up with the growing population.

Virtual classrooms are here to offer education to people from all around the world.


As the Internet of Things becomes more accessible to people around the world, more and more people get access to cheap internet and can thus sign up and learn from online courses without the need for expensive infrastructure like physical classrooms. 

Increasingly fast internet has been provided in countries with huge populations like India and China, which gives the public access to self-learning sites like Youtube.

While content marketers can make use of smart tools like Youtube intro templates to capture the eye of the public, these efforts aimed at a personal gain can actually contribute to the education of the masses. 


A long-standing problem that seemingly has no solution, with only a limited amount of food available and more mouths to feed, the economy must grow to accommodate the increased number of people in the world. 

New tech offers a plethora of new opportunities to those that can learn the intricacies or contribute in some way.


Having access to the internet, combined with a fair amount of digital literacy can have a considerable impact on the poverty ratio of the world and thus contribute to a more wholesome experience for humans as a species.

With more jobs opening up than people to take up those jobs, there is enough liquidity to feed the increased population. 

Climate Change 

A problem that threatens to end life on earth as we know it, climate change is a burning problem in need of an urgent solution.

Unfortunately, we realized the damage we are causing too late, and we cannot make immediate measures to restore the damage done.

In spite of us reaching a point we cannot turn back from, technology can help us in many ways. 

climate change

Tech like artificial intelligence can help us understand the root cause of the problem and thus point out the best way to solve the problem.

By using the principal uses of Machine Learning and neural networks, we can optimize our processes as a species to cause less harm to our environment. 

Apart from offering smart solutions to conserve the environment without sacrificing the completion of work, artificial intelligence can also give us live updates of how our efforts are contributing to the restoration of the environment and how far we are from the optimum use of resources in a sustainable way. 

Disaster Relief 

By studying and understanding natural disasters and what causes them, technology can help us identify the symptoms of a natural disaster, which will enable us to prepare in advance.

By identifying the telltale symptoms of a natural disaster, we can organize evacuations or be prepared with supplies and countermeasures in advance. 

disaster relief

Drones can be used in highly affected areas to drop off much-needed food and medical supplies, which will enable us to help those in need.

In times of need, there is a surge in the use of mobile phones and the need to connect with loved ones, dynamic tech helps deal with these surges in a smart way by offering an increased capacity to affected areas based on certain parameters that judge the intensity of need. 

Mobile applications for emergency services make it much easier to reach out to authorities and thus offer prompt responses from regulatory authorities to help those in need – for example the fire department in many countries have dedicated apps that lets users ping for help. 


As more of the population grows old, and the rest become vulnerable to diseases and infertility, artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts offer great solutions to understanding and treating medical conditions by keeping a close track of symptoms and offering prompt availability of information to tackle these solutions.

By using machine learning techniques, we can take the help of machines to help us identify the problems and how best to treat them.


As machines are not vulnerable to mental and emotional pressure like humans, they offer a well-constructed solution to burning the healthcare needs of humans. 

Blockchain tech can be used to address problems pertaining to security, privacy, and scalability in the industry.

IoT wearables like health bands and other devices can keep a close track on bodily functions and thus understand what affects humans and thus offer a much better understanding of the human body.

This deeper understanding of the human body gives us a better chance of finding a solution, and with readily available information from sources, we can identify solutions quickly. 

While solving social issues is a far cry from an easy process, technology does provide a range of new ways to tackle problems.

The ability to identify the root cause of problems enables us to wipe out the problem at its root, thus creating a more effective solution.