On Thursday, February 5th 2015, I visited Jamtara Bridge which is quite popular among the teenagers. I heard a lot about the place but never really got a chance to go there. My friends have been there couple a times for a Picnic or Photoshoots.

It is basically a bridge for trains over a river and I was not expecting much from the place. I planned to film it and so took my Canon 60D along.

At first, I was worried since I was not getting any interesting and appealing visuals, but then my friend referred me an extension over the bridge from where I can stand and get a wide shot of the whole landscape.

So, I went up, placed my tripod and started shooting each and every possible shot I can get.

I started editing the video by evening and left the color correction and rendering work for the next day.

It took me an hour to color correct the video. I added some film grain also during the post which slowed down everything and it took almost 2 hours to render the final streamable file format.

Canon 60D Short – JAMTARA

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