Lightroom lets you easily merge photos into a breathtaking panorama and this features has been enhanced a lot in the latest version 6.4. There is a new setting added called ‘Boundry Warp’, which intelligently wraps the boundaries of merged panoramas to remove undesired areas of transparency.

Below is a post on the Lightroom journal blog that explains the case in detail.

Stitched panoramas often have non-rectangular boundaries. There are several ways to handle irregular boundaries. The most common approach is to apply a rectangular crop. This is straightforward, but important image details near the boundary may be lost due to cropping. Another approach is to use Content Aware Fill (in Photoshop) to fill in the transparent areas outside the boundary. This can be effective, but may require multiple attempts to obtain a satisfying (smooth, artifact-free) result. It can also be expensive and requires rendering out the panorama to an output-referred format. Boundary Warp is a feature that provides another approach to handling the irregular boundary of panoramas. The feature analyzes the boundary and warps the image so that its edges fit a rectangular frame.
lightroom 6.4
Lightroom | Boundary Warp in action (0 to 100) GIF Courtesy – Adobe

Other Enhancements & Updates in Lightroom 6.4

With this new update, you can now choose a preferred desktop sync location for Lightroom on mobile images. When the sync process is completed, you can have Lightroom save them in a subfolder hierarchy conveniently formatted by the image date.

New preferences for synching images from Lightroom on mobile. Image Courtesy - Adobe
New preferences for synching images from Lightroom on mobile.
Image Courtesy – Adobe

Lightroom & Photoshop integration has also been strengthened in this new update. Users can now place photos as Linked Smart Objects in Photoshop CC by dragging them from the Lightroom Library grid while the Option key is pressed down. The feature is current available only on Mac OS X.


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