Our friends at Skylum have offered an exclusive $10 OFF coupon code for Luminar Neo to EditingCorp readers. It is an exceptional photo editing tool that can function as both a standalone application and a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Before we delve into the actual discount coupon code and how to use it, let’s take a brief look at Luminar Neo and its core features.

Photographers are always on the lookout for photo editing tools that simplify some of the most challenging and time-consuming editing tasks. This is where Luminar Neo shines.

Luminar Neo As A Standalone Photo Editing Tool

As a standalone photo editing software, Luminar Neo offers revolutionary tools and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies to skyrocket your editing skills.

AI Sky Replacement

Luminar Neo AI sky replacement tool allows you to replace the sky to change the mood of your photos. It not only changes the sky but relights the entire photo so that the lighting and colors of the original image match with that of the sky.

Luminar Neo even selects the best orientation for the sky so it looks and feels realistic. Just choose a sky that fits your mood in the picture in one click. You can use many pre-installed skies, or easily add your own sky photos.

AI Skin Enhancer & Portrait Enhancer

AI Skin Enhancer is an automated tool that finds all the skin in your picture, smooths it out, and removes blemishes while preserving pores, texture, and hair. This tool is everything you need to edit the perfect portrait in less than a minute.

Some of the top features of the AI Skin Enhancer & Portrait Enhancer tool are:

  • AI Skin Enhancement
  • Blemish removal
  • Redeye removal
  • Teeth brightening (my personal favorite)
  • Facial contouring
  • Dark circles removal
  • Lip color improvement

The great thing about Luminar Neo tools is that they’re equally great for portraits shot in a studio and outdoors. This video on how to make beautiful portraits in Luminar demonstrates all the features of the AI Skin Enhancer tool.

AI Structure

With AI Structure, you can quickly and easily highlight important parts of your image without spoiling the rest of the photo. In other words, this tool detects areas that could look richer and enhances them.

AI Structure is excellent at improving dynamic range, adding textures as well as clarity. Moreover, it doesn’t add noise, halos, or other artifacts.


This blew our minds when we first saw it in action. With Luminar Neo, you can create realistic light rays by adding a source of sunlight and moving it around your image. Volumetric sunbeams or God Rays magically seep between objects such as trees and buildings.

Serge Ramelli in the video below will show you how to use this tool.

Smart Contrast

Compared to regular contrast, Smart Contrast is more careful and sophisticated as it preserves both colors and details for a more realistic, textured image.

Luminar Neo As A Plugin For Lightroom & Photoshop

At first, it’s easy to compare Luminar with Lightroom. But to be honest, Luminar and Lightroom work great when used side by side.

As a plugin, Luminar Neo enhances your ability to use Lightroom with its AI-powered tools, Layers and masking, 50+ tools for color correction and creative effects, Adaptive Luminar looks, and much more.

The combination of Adobe Photoshop and Luminar Neo is also great as it supports:

  • AI Powered Tools
  • Adaptive Luminar Looks
  • Film stock emulation
  • RAW file support
  • 50 tools for color correction, creative effects, and retouching
  • Smart Object Workflows
  • Photoshop Actions

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