MacBook continues to become popular, so it is no surprise to see even more people purchasing them. Some have been looking to replace their old computers; others got a promise from their employer.

It just so happens that a Mac is a solid choice. Nevertheless, booting a MacBook for the first time and using it may leave some people surprised.

The interface is a bit unusual, particularly if you have been on the Windows OS since now. Not to mention new features that you have yet to learn.

Some people do not have the luxury of waiting for things to develop naturally and want to learn how to get the most out of their Macbook as fast as possible.

This article should be a good reference for that. Read the tips below and become more efficient with your new computer.

1. Work With Documents

MacBook Tip 1 – Work With Documents

Working with documents on a Macbook is a bit different. You do not have well-known software like MS Office, but there are alternatives. When it comes to free Microsoft Word Mac options, there are a few worth mentioning.

MS Word Online is one of the best examples. At the same time, you can also sign up for a free Office 365 trial. And, if you feel like doing it, why not try alternative applications like Ulysses, Focused, or MarsEdit?

Adding digital signatures is another neat feature that you can take advantage of on a Macbook. To create a signature, open a PDF document via the Preview tool and click on the “Create Signature” tab.

You can sign on your smartphone, on the Macbook’s trackpad, or on a piece of paper and hold it in front of Mac’s camera. Once the signature is saved on the computer, you can add it via Preview again. 

2. Memorize Keyboard Shortcuts

Memorize MacBook keyboard shortcuts

Learning keyboard shortcuts is a good piece of advice in general, not just for Macbook owners. However, when it comes to macOS, there are quite a few combinations that make using the computer easier.

All the shortcuts are available on the official Apple support site, but you should focus on remembering these first:

  • Command + Shift + 4 and Command + Shift + 3 to capture screenshots
  • Option + Command + Delete to remove files permanently
  • Command + T to open a new tab
  • Command + Tab to cycle through applications

3. Lookup Word Definitions

MacBook Tip 3 – Lookup Word Definitions

You may be reading an interesting article or writing a thesis that is full of difficult words. Looking for a definition in a dictionary every time or having another tab open can be quite annoying.

Luckily, Macs have a feature that allows you to look up a word’s definition without closing the document. Highlight the word you wish to learn more about and hit the keystroke sequence of Command + Control + D.

You will see a pop-up with the word’s definition and pronunciation. It is as if you have opened a dictionary.

4. Take Advantage of Spotlight

Take Advantage of Spotlight

Spotlight is one of the most underrated macOS applications. You can convert units, search for documents on the computer, look up information online, and read the news.

Such a multi-feature tool should be more popular, and you would benefit by using it. Keep in mind that Apple continues to introduce new updates regularly, meaning that Spotlight receives additional features as well. 

5. Access Special Characters

MacBook Tip 5 – Access Special Characters

Emojis are quite popular on social media and communication platforms like Discord. Knowing how to access them on your Macbook would make for a more interesting conversation with your family and friends.

After all, there are instances when emotes convey stuff that words cannot.

Click on the magnifying glass at the top right corner of the Macbook’s screen and look for the Character Viewer tool. From there, you can insert special characters by double-clicking on them. 

6. Use the Dictation Feature

Tip 6 – Use the Dictation Feature

You may have your hands full but still want to get the text on the Macbook. Built-in voice dictation is just the thing for that. You can talk if you prefer, and the text will appear in a document.

You can use the default settings and the microphone, or go to the System Preferences, select Keyboard, click on Dictation, and adjust settings if you want to see some changes.

7. Improve Performance

Tip 7 – Improve Performance

A new Macbook should not have performance issues. However, you may encounter some problems along the way. It depends on how severe the issues are, but you should manage the situation by following some of the basic suggestions.

Make sure that the computer is malware-free and has enough free storage on the drive. Closing unnecessary background applications and decluttering the desktop helps as well. Finally, get in the habit of removing the filth that accumulates inside the laptop over time.