If you have been snapping photos of basically everything you see when traveling – ever since you were a child, your memories are built to last. Travel photography has always been an interesting topic, perhaps most interesting for people who love travel and photography. When combined, these two passions create a unified passion for sharing travel experiences through photos.

So, in case you have found your inner and true self in the sentences above, there is some great news we’d like to share with you. Travel photography is not anymore a hobby – it’s a profession that made a lot of travel photographers six-figure earners in as they like to say, “the best way of making money”.

Travel photography

Get Paid To Travel And Take Photos: How To Do It?

If you have at least a bit of experience and a professional camera (which is still not a must-have requirement), you can become a travel photographer and get paid to travel and take photos.  Obviously, loving travel and having an eye for a great picture are not the only prerequisites. The thing most travel photographers share is patience for the perfect shot and knowing how and where to distribute it.

There are two ways you can make money as a travel photographer:

  1. Start exploring the world on your own and sell your photos to magazines and media outlets
  2. Get a remote job that requires you to travel and take photos (and sometimes, write news as well)

Travel photography

While the first job requires some courage (and a wallet full of money to begin with), the second one falls under the category travel journalism, which is gaining mass popularity as we speak. The truth is, the design and advertising industries are the ones that pay the highest. In fact, you could earn thousands for a single image if it’s that good to go in a high-profile campaign. From books to magazines, newspapers and calendars, postcards and websites – the world is full of opportunities for travel photographers now.

We are listing the pros and cons of both travel photography careers – starting with the freelance travel photography.

Being Your Own Boss And Selling Your Travel Photography: Is It That Easy?

A lot of photographers would agree that a pretty travel picture is just not enough to get you the sale you are hoping for. For one, your photos need to be original, unique and with enough space for word placement which is another important thing to consider when taking your freelance travel shots.

The options for freelance travel photographers include stock photography which refers to selling their photos on stock websites – as well as other profitable places to sell their photos online. Below, we are listing the most popular websites where you can sell your photos and hope for some big cash out of them.

The Greatest Platforms For High-Income Travel Photography Jobs

If you love your comfort and would love to work for a company remotely as a travel photographer, there are a lot of websites to take advantage of and apply for ongoing job positions as well. The greatest thing about this travel photography career is that it gives you the comfort of a regular salary, paid tickets to different destinations and constant work without you needing to cross your fingers for more sales.

The places we recommend for getting a travel photography job are listed below.

So, Are You Feeling Lucky?

Prep your camera, pick your travel photography career and start exploring. The sky is the only limit!