Matrix Movie was a science fiction film in which Matrix was the Simulated Reality created by scientists to reduce human population. When the movie was released, people went crazy about those numbers or codes raining on the monitor screen of computers and programmers started recreating it.

Editing Corporation created a Template for After Effects which renders End credits like the one seen in ‘Matrix‘. This Free After Effects Template uses 25 text layers for the credits which can be edited easily.

Each Text layer is precisely transitioned using Card Wipe plugin. The Text changes when a beam of numbers or codes passes over the text, like the one which was there in the original movie itself.

Watch this Video on YouTube

To create the randomizing numbers, I created a text layer and typed in few random digits. Then I used Character Offset to animate the number. It can be done using key frames but I used an expression (time*15) instead.

This expression automatically animate and randomize the numbers in every 15 frames, so you don’t need to add extra key frames or animate it manually.

Matrix Movie End Credits Template

I took a programmers help to create the codes rain effect and it was done in C++ and OpenGL. I then rendered it out, like a stock footage and used the video in the background.


How to Change the Text Titles in Matrix Movie End Credits Template

To modify this template, you need to change the text slides. To do that,

  1. Download and open the template using After Effects, you will see 5 compositions in the project file.
    Matrix Movie End Credits Template
  2. Open the Titles Text Composition. It includes all 25 text layers that can be modified according to one’s project.
    Matrix Movie End Credits Template
  3. Change all these text layers with your text and changes will be instantly updates in all the other compositions.

Which Composition to Render?

The Main Comp is the one where all the layers are composited, but the composition you need to render is the Final Comp. It is the pre-composed version of the Main Comp and includes the audio layer too.