Microsoft is on a rampage this period. After revealing the brand new, revamped Office 2016 and the launch of Windows Server 2016, it was about time for the company to make a move in the visual aspect. And they did, giving us the brand new Surface Studio that is designed to be the one-stop product for every creative, designer or visual visionary.

From drawing to designing, painting to modeling, the Surface Studio simply lets you have it all, ‘turning your desk into a Studio’ as Microsoft likes to put it. But is the starting price of $2,999 just too much for the average creative Joe?

Microsoft Surface Studio

It’s true – the Surface Studio hasn’t hit the marketplace yet. In fact, the pre-orders are starting very soon, which means that by that time, we all need to see if the program is worth it and eventually order it (or click the ‘X’ button on the tab).

So, what to do?

We are reviewing the Surface Studio below – helping you make a solid decision.

Microsoft Surface Studio: The Visual Dilemma Of Every Creative In 2017

‘To buy – or not to buy the Microsoft Surface Studio?’

This is one of the questions that pop up in every designer’s mind when thinking about the “overpriced” platform by Microsoft. Wait….but how do you actually know it’s overpriced, when you still can’t see its features?

For what we know, the Surface Studio is not only a program – but a massive 28-inch PixelSense Display with technology that will help you see every color, shade and idea on the canvas. From painting to creating, designing and editing – it’s all better when seen on a digital canvas packing no more and no less than 13.5 million pixels.

Microsoft Surface Studio

Clear, sharp and amazingly realistic. That is how any designer portrays the Surface Studio by Microsoft based on these facts. The story gets even better, when you get to know that this monitor is powered by an i5/i7 processor, packs a 4-gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce GPU and has 32 GB of RAM memory. Powerful, isn’t it?

Click here to see full Tech Specs of Microsoft Surface Studio.

And while a lot of creatives and Apple fans see the Surface Studio as a bigger iPad, we can’t do that. What we can see is a wonderfully crafted device that aims on nothing but giving the eye of the designer every color, shape and detail in the best light possible. Aside from that, its user-friendliness is taken on a next level.

One Thing Is Certain, Microsoft Is Paving A New Form Of Technology

The easiest thing is to blame Microsoft for creating a $3k device that just ‘lets you draw’ – and the hardest thing is to see through its possibilities. This is just how things are nowadays, but not how better they can be in the future.

That being said, we are 100% certain that the Microsoft Surface Studio deserves every single dime. You’ll ask: ‘Why?’

Well for starters, the Surface Studio is the first-ever device that caters to the needs and wants of designers, whether in their home studio or professional office. With tons of features aside from the main canvas (Office, Surface Dial etc.), it gives the designers a way to focus on their work while having everything else on stand-by.

Microsoft Surface Studio

Compact, light and insanely powerful – is what the Surface Studio is when looked from a user-friendly and tech perspective. Most importantly, it is a device that is focused on the hand, pen and mouse – and swapping between these creative devices has never been easier.

Inspired by the growing demand for designers and curated thanks to the gaps that professional computers cannot fill, we definitely think that the Surface Studio by Microsoft is the best thing that happened to designers – from one of the best companies in the world that gave us the digital reality of nowadays.

Let’s just hope these words are worth in practice, right?


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