Who says a Dyslexia suffering student with low grades cannot perform well in his Life. Who thought that the dumbest student of the class, according to the teachers and other students will become a Computer Geek one day, a better engineering student than any other, organizer of Developer’s Conference’s and founder of “Cyberaditya”

Being a Minor Dyslexia patient, he broke all the predictions and boundaries.

Editing Corp. had a talk with him this week. Read the Entire Interview below.

Tell us something about yourself?

I am an Engineering student and a jack of some trades , I Love Coding, blogging and interacting with new computer geeks both online and offline.

How old were you when you first used computer?

I was in 10th Class, when i first used computer, it was Compaq Presario Desktop.

Journey from a Minor Dyslexia to a Computer Geek - Aditya Dubey

Tell us your story from being a Dyslexia Patient to a Computer Geek?

Well, its a long story which can bore your readers, but they can skip this answer.

I was a Minor Dyslexia patient when i was in 3rd grade. Wasn’t active and the dumbest student in the class. I was certainly dropped out from school in 4th standard for its cure, all got somehow back to normal because my mom gave me counseling and taught me to fight against Dyslexia. Later I Joined Aloysius in the 5th standard and that time I was a below average student and don’t even had friends.

In 5th we had a computer subject on which we taught about the basic, but i didn’t able to learn because 6 students share single PC and therefore i wasn’t able to learn computer.

later on at 8th class I got the final victory against all the D – terror and -My Father Bought a Computer For me which was ( Core 2 Duo – Compac Presario) or Simply a Black Desktop for me at that time, It contains a Boring Wallpaper of Window xp which i don’t like, Neither my Father Knows about computer or neither any one from my family, I went to one of my freind House to ask him ” How to Change Computer Wallpaper” and How to Play Road Rash Game on PC ?

All of them including my good friend insulted me from their door and Said ” You don’t even know how to change the wallpaper ” and all closed their door , I cried and came back home. and tried changing the wallpaper by opening and pressing all the keystrokes from the keyboard.

And that results to the system crash and My father Called the employee to format the computer , he formatted my PC and I Stuck to Watch it without ever getting my eyelids down to learn how he is formatting the PC, I even Learned and Mugged up the Serial Key of Window xp at that time which was ” QBQFD-B3RKG-H3GGB-W9KTJ-QQH7W” ,

On that evening, I went to my uncle’s house, and there he was formatting his laptop with Windows XP. When I went there he was searching for the Serial Key for XP , I told them plz type “QBQFD-…” which i learned when My PC is formatted , he was shocked to see that I knew the CD key even though i don’t even know how to change wallpaper, later on he taught me the basics of computer such as creating a folder and using the internet. And after that I used to watch lots of computer tutorials on YouTube which had really helped me to learn and achieve good things in my life.

 What programmers inspire’s you the most?

All tech enthusiasts inspire me to learn and achieve great things in life, but i would like to mention some of them who inspired me to learn about several technology.

Saurav Modak, who inspired me to start my own blog and to use linux. Subho Haldar, Who inspired me to learn Java. and all the others who are helping me to learn new things day by day.


Recently you organized a Developer’s conference in your city, What do you think about the participation of other engineering students? Was it satisfactory?

Yes,  I along with my Friend Ankit had organized a Developer Conference in jabalpur. In that conference we had invited speakers from all around india , who were experts and very talented developers & had contributed a lot to the open source community.

The basic moto for that conference was to aware students about the new technologies , Frameworks and how to develop the application in a better way. We were very confident about the participation that we will get. But later we didn’t find interested developers in jabalpur. Since JEC students were busy in there Exams so half of the audience that we were expecting were failed to come. Whereas there were only few students from private engineering colleges who got there interest in the development side. They Attended that conference, and some of them are really genius and I am Happy to meet them and learned a lot things from them.

Especially I would Sincerely Like to thank all the speakers who had came for the conference while taking the leave from there job and traveled a very long train journey without any expectation , good to see support from Online Friends that became my offline friend.

A person with little knowledge and academic degree is considered educated while another person without a degree, but with higher knowledge is considered uneducated in India. Do you agree and if Yes, then Why?

Yes , Its really bad to see this mentality among our society. People prefer only those who have degree rather having knowledge. But, Nowadays, Scenario is changing, and thanks to startups and open source communities, which  is trying to change the perspective of indian society, I have my friend who also came as an speaker in DevCon Jabalpur. He is Really a Genius and without having a good degree , he is working at a good startup based in hyderabad. The best part is that, he is living  dream life which most of the tech enthusiast dream for and  not even  engineer live this kind of life  at the good salary package.


  1. Hii Aaditya Dubey,
    Just saw one of my friend liked your interview from their added you on Facebook. Seriously Dude, Inspiring Story.
    I feel really good to know about you and your Such an amazing Story.
    All the best

  2. I agree. Even the intelligent ones who possess the real knowledge are considered to be illiterate. The reason is obviously the so called tradition that Indian society follows. Here, people make their opinions on basis of what they have been hearing from others (no matter who those others are). This kind of ignorance has led to a culture like this.
    Our society needs a major change – in the way it thinks for it thinks all wrong..


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