Adobe After Effects has some build in Simulation plugins such as CC Rain, CC Drizzles, CC Particle World etc. to create different types of simulations such as Rainfall and Drizzles, Particles respectively. Though these plugins are preinstalled when you install After Effects on your computer but sometimes they can be missing. Since these plugins play an important role and are essential, you need to install them manually and installing Missing Simulation Plugin in Adobe After Effects is very easy.

Why Simulation Plugins are Missing from Adobe After Effects?

Well, missing simulation plugins is a rare case, but it did happened with my friend. So, what is the main reason why you are unable to find these plugins. The reason is the missing CycoreFX folder in Adobe After Effects plugins folder. The CycoreFX folder contains all the simulation plugins which are usually in .aex formats. Apart from Simulation plugins it contains few other effects which you probably never noticed missing but are needed if you are an advance After Effects user.

How to Install CycoreFX Folder?

Installing Cycore FX folder and Simulation plugins is very easy.

  1. Download The file on your computer.
  2. Extract it and copy the Entire Cycore FX folder.
  3. Now navigate to your After Effects installation location. We need to put the CycoreFX folder inside plugins > Effects folder. In my case, my Effects folder location is C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe After Effects CS 5.5/ Support files/Plugins/Effects.
  4. Paste the CycoreFX Folder inside the Effects folder. If you already have CycoreFX folder inside the Effects folder. Than replace it.
  5. Now Start up After Effects, Create a new Composition, a new solid, and than go into Effects > Simulation. you should now see all the Simulation effects there.

The above method is tested and i was successfully able to restore my simulation plugins simply by putting the CycoreFX folder inside the installation location. However, i recommend re installing After Effects once and if again simulation plugins went missing, then use the above method to restore all those plugins.



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