mKBHD – Ultimate Channel Toolbox designed with MKBHD. A collection of 50+ MKBHD YouTube channel motion graphic assets by MotionVFX.

Marques Brownlee, also known as MKBHD is a world-known tech YouTuber who uses plenty of motion graphic assets that make his YouTube videos look highly professional.

The unique nature of MKBHDs YouTube channel graphic assets makes him stand out from the rest.

Each and every intro, outro, transition, and other asset are hand-crafted as per MKBHD’s brand.

Recently, MotionVFX, a leading creator of motion graphics plugins collaborated with MKBHD and released MKBHD – Ultimate Channel Toolbox.

MKBHD – Ultimate Channel Toolbox

MKBHD Ultimate Channel Toolbox is a collection of 50+ MKBHD-inspired motion graphic elements for YouTube channels.

It takes all the little tricks and things that MKBHD has done in its video editing over the years and put them into easy-to-use tools.

MKBHD Ultimate Channel Toolbox can be a huge time-saver for editing videos and adding crisp visuals.

50+ MKBHD Approved Elements

MKBHD Ultimate Channel Toolbox features more than 50 animated elements that you can customize for your own YouTube channel and videos.

  • Intros – 5 MKBHD YouTube channel-style intros that can be customized with your own logo.
  • Features – A set of 5 animated features to help you talk about products like MKBHD do in his product-related videos.
  • Tools & Effects – 15 unique tools and effects that can be used to manipulate your footage such as zoom in, punch in, and more.
  • Calls To Action – 5 sets of calls to action buttons such as subscribe, like, share, and more.
  • Titles – 5 MKBHD style animated typography elements.
  • Lower Thirds – 5 MKBHD YouTube channel inspired Lower Thirds.
  • Backgrounds – 5 animated backgrounds for your videos.
  • Transitions – A set of 6 MKBHD-inspired transitions.

Compatible Software

MKBHD Ultimate Channel Toolbox is compatible with –

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022+ (macOS or Windows)
  • Final Cut Pro 10.5.4 or Apple Motion 5.5.3 (macOS)
  • DaVinci Resolve 17.4 (macOS or Windows)


You can purchase and download MKBHD YouTube channel motion graphic assets for $99.