Imagine taking photos with your phone that look as amazing as ones from a big camera. That’s what Moment set out to do ten years ago, and now they’re taking things even further with the T-Series Mobile Lenses.

The T-Series lenses are like a big step forward in the world of phone photography and filming. They’re made to work with the newest phones, including Android ones. These lenses are special because they can handle bigger camera sensors and let in more light, which makes your pictures better.

The T-Series lenses have more layers of special glass and a new way to attach them to your phone. This means they’re super precise and will impress you.

They’re like an upgrade from the very first Wide 18mm lens Moment made, which was already really good at capturing clear and sharp images. The T-Series lenses go beyond that – they make your photos look cooler and give you a fresh way to see things.

If you use an iPhone or an Android phone, the T-Series lenses are for you. They’re here to make your phone photos and videos way better, showing that Moment is all about making your visual stories awesome.

Let’s dive into some of the newly announced T-Series lenses and see how they’re changing the game for mobile photography and filmmaking.

A Quick Look At The Moment’s New T-Series Mobile Lenses

Each lens in the T-Series lineup revolutionizes the way you capture, document, and express yourself. Let’s embark on a journey through this extraordinary collection, each lens a window into a world of possibilities:

Anamorphic 1.33x & 1.55x

Imagine your videos looking like they were made by pros in the movies. That’s what the Anamorphic lenses do. They make your videos wider, with nice flares of light and black bars on top and bottom, just like in the movies. There are two types: one gives a blue light effect like in old movies, and the other gives warm colors that feel like old-style lenses.

Price: $149.99

Tele 58mm

Do you want to take pictures of faraway things and make them look closer? The Tele 58mm lens is for you. It can make things look twice as close with your normal camera, and four times closer if you have a special camera on your phone. You can also make the background blurry to make the main thing in your picture stand out.

Price: $149.99

Wide 18mm

When you want to capture a big scene, like a beautiful landscape, the Wide 18mm lens helps you. It shows a lot in one picture, without making things look strange. So, your pictures will look just like what you see with your own eyes.

Price: $129.99

Fisheye 14mm

If you want to take really wide pictures, like you’re looking through a bubble, the Fisheye 14mm lens is perfect. It’s wider than the super-wide lens on your phone and cheaper than a special camera. You can use all the space in your picture, without any dark corners.

Price: $119.99

Macro 10x

Do you ever wonder what small things look like up close? The Macro 10x lens lets you see them really, really close. You can take pictures of tiny bugs, cool textures, and more. Your phone couldn’t do this before!

Price: $119.99

Compatible Mobile Devices

No matter if you like making movies, taking pictures of friends, or just capturing amazing views, Moment’s new T-Series mobile lenses have something for everyone. They’re easy to put on your iPhone or Android phone, and they make your pictures and videos look incredible.

Stunning Shots With The Moment’s T-Series Mobile Lenses

From the cinematic flair of the Anamorphic lenses to the up-close wonder of the Macro lens, you’ll witness the creative potential that these lenses unlock for your smartphone camera. The video highlights the beautiful wide-angle views, the zoom capabilities of the Tele 58mm lens, and the unique perspectives offered by the Fisheye 14mm lens.

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