MotionPulse Sound Design Tools

On April 15 2014, Andrew Kramer on his blog at announced their new product MotionPulse, which a collection of over 1000  compound sound effects. According to the article published on Video Copilot,

MotionPulse features over 1000 compound sound FX across 25 categories.  No filler sound FX, just INSANE multi-layered sound FX for Movie Trailers, Motion Design, Special Effects and anytime you need to grab someones attention and shake people up!

This is not generic sound FX collection, like footsteps and bad guys screaming, this collection was generated specifically for motion designers that need to add hard-hitting sound FX to things that do not exist. Bring your motion graphics to life with MotionPulse!

The Product will be available on May 6th and can be purchased through Video Copilot directly. The trailer launched by the developers looks very impressive and the sound effects are simply out of the world.



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