30 Must-have After Effects Templates that will help Motion Designers take their creativity, as well as productivity to the next level.

The life of a Motion Designer is not easy. Motion graphics artists are constantly under pressure to complete tasks within tight deadlines.

At times, it’s challenging to meet the expectations of clients who seek creative and unique content. In these situations, having access to specialized tools can be a lifesaver, enabling the delivery of outstanding content in a shorter timeframe.

For Motion Designers, these indispensable tools might include After Effects Templates, Plugins, or Scripts. There are numerous After Effects packages that can save a Mograph Artist significant time and effort.

For instance, instead of creating typography from scratch, they can simply purchase a Typography template for After Effects and modify it. Likewise, by purchasing a transition pack, they can produce stunning transition effects in mere seconds.

There are a few must-have After Effects templates that will help a Motion Designer take his/her creativity as well as productivity to the next level. We highly recommend investing in all or a few of the below-mentioned templates. They have worked wonders for us and they will work for you as well.

1. Create Pack

Create Pack for After Effects is the biggest element Pack in the entire market. There are more than 3,600 elements ready to use with just one click. As a bonus, you can create over 12,000 animated emojis. Save your money, all you need is only one product.

2. Infinity Tool – Greatest Pack For Video Creators

The Infinity Tool is an expansive set of integrated tools for both Adobe Premiere and After Effects, designed with limitless possibilities in mind. Its evergreen collection of templates ensures freshness and relevance, allowing any content creator to benefit from its use.

3. 400+ Color Grading Filters

This After Effects template boasts 400+ dynamic filters, transforming video blogs, trailers, and more. This vast library offers automated and customizable color grading, allowing experimentation. Simulate film stocks, VHS, and other effects for an extraordinary touch. Achieve cinematic contrast and palettes resembling Hollywood with these filters.

4. Pixity Land – Character Explainer Toolkit

Pixity Land is an After Effects template designed for easy use by those with basic After Effects knowledge. This explainer toolkit offers over 500 elements, enabling users to craft unique animations and videos. Customize characters, scenes, and colors to produce a distinctive video presentation. It’s a comprehensive explainer toolkit for motion designers.

5. 2250+ Graphics Pack

2250+ ready-to-use graphic elements that are simple and easy to edit. These elements can be effortlessly edited to fit your creative needs. They’re optimized for resolutions up to a crisp 4K, ensuring high-quality visuals. Additionally, this collection is seamlessly compatible with leading software platforms, After Effects and Premiere Pro. To elevate your projects further, it comes with Sound FX, enhancing the auditory experience of your productions.

6. Instagram Stories

Discover a robust collection of over 2000 ready-to-use graphic elements, meticulously crafted for Instagram and a variety of other social media platforms. These versatile designs are not only perfect for adding flair to your Instagram stories but are also optimized for Facebook covers, YouTube bumper Ads, and numerous other digital engagements.

7. Photomotion X

Photomotion transforms static 2D images into 3D animations with features like autofocus and depth of field. Photomotion X 10.2 introduces over 25 enhancements for even more compelling photo animations. Purchasing this After Effects tool provides 100+ assets: Lower Thirds, Instagram filters, Logo reveals, and more. Trusted by 5400+ users, it’s continuously updated with new tools.

8. Flash FX Pro

Elevate your workflow with this project designed for efficiency and creativity. Flash FX Pro is essential for motion designers, filmmakers, vloggers, and anyone aiming to captivate their audience. Enhance your projects’ dynamism and appeal effortlessly, even if you’re new to After Effects.

9. Transitions Library

This is a pack of over 2,500 distinct transitions tailored for both After Effects and Premiere Pro. This library encompasses a vast array of effects spanning various categories, ensuring that every creative need is met. Whether you’re working on a cinematic project or a quick ad, these transitions can elevate your video’s professionalism and flow, making your content stand out.

10. Pretty Sweet – 2D Animation Toolkit

Pretty Sweet is an animation builder for After Effects, comprising 2000+ animated items such as transitions, titles, lower thirds, logo reveals, a blob tool, a sketcher, and sound effects. Beyond a mere template, it offers an intuitive project file, making animation accessible without specialized After Effects expertise.

11. Lava – Social Media Pack

Lava After Effects project is ideal for TV, social, and corporate media, aiding in creating broadcast packs, animated posters, stories, and covers. It emphasizes communicative design with vibrant colors, simple shapes, clean typography, and adaptable compositions, ensuring optimal user experience across all modern devices.

12. Explainer Video Toolkit 4

Explainer Video Toolkit 4, crafted from months of rigging research and 5 years of explainer video expertise, prioritizes simplicity, efficiency, and flexibility. Its design aligns with current graphic trends, allowing seamless integration of illustrations and elements from various marketplaces with Toolkit 4 components.

13. 1600+ Seamless Transitions

Enhance your videos with these multipurpose, trendy transitions for a dynamic touch. Place your chosen transition over footage and activate with a click. These transitions are also compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro through After Effects via Adobe Dynamic Link.

14. Character Animation Explainer Toolkit

The Character Animation Explainer Toolkit revolutionizes explainer video creation in After Effects. Design characters and select animations seamlessly. Developed from over a year of research, it boasts thousands of features and over 30 pre-made characters. Start with a template and craft your personalized character!

15. Particle Builder

The Particle Builder Elemental Pack swiftly and easily crafts effects like fire, dust, magic, and sparkle. Enliven still images using the brush tool, and design broadcast packages, title sequences, logo reveals, or photo slideshows. It’s versatile for pictures, texts, videos, and beyond.

16. Isometric Flat World

Isometric Flat World offers over 500 elements and pre-made scenes. Easily craft your unique isometric scene or floor using this extensive library. With ready-to-use scenes, simply select what you need and weave your narrative.

17. Videolancer’s Transitions

With 2300 dynamic After Effects transitions, elevate any video project effortlessly. Suitable for slideshows, trailers, promos, broadcasts, and more, these transitions ensure your content is captivating and professional. Boost your editing arsenal with standout Target-Zoom and Pan transitions to lift your videos higher.

18. VoluMax – 3D Photo Animator

After a month of rigorous testing, we can confidently endorse VoluMax Pro – a 3D Photo Animator for After Effects. It stands out as the premier toolkit, effortlessly transforming your pictures into stunning 3D animations.

19. 550+ Instagram Stories Pack

Instagram Stories offers over 550 elements and narratives for crafting eye-catching Instagram posts and stories. The set includes 140 unique designs, available in three resolutions: vertical, portrait, and square. Design compelling stories swiftly by selecting your preferred style.

20. Mosaic Photo Animation Pro 2

Mosaic Photo Animation Pro V2 offers over 18 mosaic animations with spaces for 110 photos or videos. Its intuitive drag-and-drop controls ensure ease of customization. Plus, there’s no need for third-party plugins to get started.

21. Story Now – Explainer Toolkit

This After Effects Explainer Toolkit features over 50 pre-made characters and 60 pose animations. The toolkit also includes 2,500+ components, diverse backgrounds, transitions, motion typography, design concepts, logo animations, icon words, and 1400 animated icons, making it a comprehensive asset for any project.

22. Instagram Library – Stories Preset Package

With over 650 Stories Design Presets and a Video Library featuring 150+ ready-to-use presets across 10 categories, achieve professional-level videos effortlessly. Categories range from Corporate and Glitch to Vintage, each offering distinct styles. Apply presets in one click, edit text, and modify effects via the Control Panel. Frequent updates will bring more categories and elements.

23. Video Library – Video Presets Package

Video Library offers a collection of 1700 ready-made scenes and presets for diverse media content. Featuring over 250 presets and 1000 elements in 12 categories, it facilitates professional-level video creation. Categories like Business, Extreme, and Vintage cater to specific needs, from corporate presentations to memorable slideshows. Ideal for vlog promotion, capturing audience attention, and more.

24. Earth Zoom Toolkit Pro

Earth Zoom Toolkit Pro for Adobe After Effects enables stunning 4K Earth Zooms effortlessly. Select up to 4 locations per render; for more, simply loop and combine videos. The toolkit boasts 10K Earth Textures, 6 Sci-Fi Environments, 17 Animated Callbacks, and customizable Earth Controls to transform Earth’s appearance to your preference.

25. 30 Simple Titles

This premium After Effects Template provides 30 unique titles and lower-thirds animations for creating dynamic title sequences. With over 1000 satisfied customers, it boasts features like a duration controller, universal expressions, and a well-organized structure, ensuring easy customization for users.

26. Hand Story Kit – Professional Explainer Builder

This After Effects toolkit offers 65+ scenes for creating professional commercials. High-quality images retouched by experts ensure photorealistic results. Features include easy duration control in every scene, modular design with seamless transitions, and versatility for commercials, openers, logo reveals, and more. With individual scenes ranging from 5s to 10s, it provides over 7 minutes of captivating content.

27. Minimalism

Minimalism offers the largest collection of titles for After Effects, featuring over 100 sleek, clean, and distinctive animations. Easily customizable, you can modify text, color, size, duration, background, and animations with just a few clicks. Perfect for those seeking a minimalist aesthetic.

28. Easy Vignette & Color Correction Pack

This package offers 90 high-quality color grading presets and custom vignettes. Elevate your projects with categories including Cinematic, Vintage, Classic, Instagram, Cross Process, Modern, Retro, Futuristic, Wedding, Drama, Suspense, Abstract, and Horror. Beautifully crafted for easy drag-and-drop application.

29. Animation Creator Toolbar

The Animation Creator Toolbar is designed to streamline Motion Designers’ workflow. Easily and swiftly animate compositions with this tool. Enhance your workflow and craft intricate animations in moments using Animation Creator for After Effects.

30. Flat Animated Icons Library

The top-selling Animated Icons Library boasts 750+ icons, diverse design concepts, backgrounds, maps, flags, infographics, buildings, and more. With variations in color, shape, and animations, it’s a comprehensive package. An unparalleled deal with numerous elements consolidated in one offer.