New Year 2021 is almost here. It’s time to prepare for the holidays and come up with creative ways to wish your friends and loved ones. Therefore, After Effects Templates & Projects are an easy way to create a New Year Countdown 2021 for celebrating the arrival of New Year.

With tons of customization and ease of use, It’s time to grab the Best New Year Countdown 2021 After Effects Templates & Projects.

Things To Know Before Purchasing New Year Countdown 2021 After Effects Templates

Before you actually purchase any of the given New Year Countdown templates, make sure that:

  • The template file is compatible with your version of Adobe After Effects.
  • Step-by-step tutorial videos or pdf guides are included to help you out with customizing the template.
  • Developer support should be provided in case you come across any bugs or issues.
  • Check whether you need any third party plugins or not.
  • Number of sales, rating and reviews should be good.

Best New Year Countdown 2021 Templates For After Effects

Although you can create your own basic countdown timer in After Effects.

But for a more professional look and style, we have curated a list of Top 10 New Year Countdown 2021 After Effects Templates below.

1. Particle Elements Countdown

A unique 30 seconds countdown timer with shiny particle elements. This template is easy to customize and requires no third-party plugins.

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2. Gold Countdown

This is a stylish and inspirational Happy New Year Countdown 2021 Template for After Effects with fireworks and particle effects.

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3. Fire Countdown

A modular, unique, and cinematic style New Year countdown 2021 timer AE template.

You don’t need any third-party plugins to use this template.

Compatible with After Effects CS5 and above versions.

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4. Midnight Party 2021

Celebrate the New Year 2021 with this personalized modern countdown clock.

Luxury design and modern atmosphere will give your unforgettable emotions for the last minute of this year.

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5. Fantastic Countdown

Celebrate the New 2021 Year’s Eve with a personalized modern countdown clock.

Amaze your friends and guests with this Elegant and Glamorous style template.

Comes with a one-touch color control system, pre-rendered fireworks and snow collection, and various clock styles.

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6. New Year Special

This After Effects template is perfect for both Christmas & New Year events.

There are 20 media placeholders along with easy and fast color control system.

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7. Cinematic New Year Countdown

A golden clock counts down one minute before the New Year’s change.

During the countdown, 12 Image holders are presented in parallax mode and just before the year change, 18 photos of good memories are revealed in Burst mode.

Fireworks and Shiny Celebration/Wish Texts are presented in the end of the video.

The project is fully editable. You can change the color of the clock numbers, clock hand, background terrain etc.

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8. Neon Countdown

This is a neon style New Year 2021 countdown After Effects template.

It requires no third-party plugins, easy to edit, and is powered by a full-color control system.

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9. Eve Party 2021

Energetic design and modern city night atmosphere will give you unforgettable emotions for the last minute of this Year!

Celebrate the 2021 New Year’s Eve with a personalized modern and countdown clock.

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10. Simple Countdown

This is a simple but elegant New Year After Effects template. You can use it for both Christmas and New Year.

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New Year Countdown 2021 Templates On Envato

Envato’s VideoHive features a great collection of New Year Countdown After Effects Templates.

Visit their website and look for New Year Countdown 2021 in the search results. There are 250+ templates to choose from.

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