Shooting in Low Light conditions can be frustrating since your camera produces dark and grainy images. To overcome such problems, Light Panels were introduced which can be moved from places to places very easily. Simply plug the Lights to a power source and you are good to go. The only problem with these light panels is that you cannot use it for outdoor shoots where there is no power or electricity source. Photographers and Film Makers who work outside needed a better solution and so the Battery Operated LED Lights came into existence. Outdoor LED Lighting offers LED Panels which are powered by a battery instead of a power source. Moreover, these High Quality LED Lights prevents flickering which can be observed in earlier light panels.

There are number of Battery Powered LED Lights available in the market to suit your budget. Such Photography Lighting Equipment can help you get amazing results even in low light conditions.

The battery backup is quite amazing and it can last from 7-8 hours but can be extended by using extra battery packs. Outdoor LED Lights are portable and easy to carry.

Lightpanels is the leading and award winning manufacturer of battery operated LED lights. They offer wide range of LED Panels such as Astra, Sola and Inca. The Luma series offers you LED panels which can be fitted on your camera. DMX controlled variable color LED panels shifts color from cool white daylight to warm white tungsten. This LED Panel lets you adjust color temperature instantly so you can adapt to different shooting conditions and skin tones on the fly.

outdoor led lighting

You can purchase Lightpanels LED Panels for approximately $1200 from their Online Store or Dealers.

Outdoor LED Lighting with Sam and Niko

Sam and Niko from Corridor Digital – A leading YouTube channels based on Visual Effects and Short Films are great fans of LED Panels. Outdoor LED Lighting allows them to shoot in any scenario, no matter there is a power source or not.

Take a look at the video below where Sam and Niko talks about Modern Lighting and tells everything you need to know about Outdoor LED Lighting and LED Light Panels.

Watch this Video on YouTube


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