How to get Photography, Videography and Video Editing clients? If you find yourself asking this question, fist you need to ask yourself something else.

“Can I produce good quality work?”

This is a question that many excited artists forget to ask themselves. Now don’t get me wrong. Being excited and motivated towards what you want to do is great. It’s the key to being successful in what you do.

But dealing with more professional work, you really have to make sure you are ready for the stuff. The reason I mentioned this is because even I am still learning from being unprepared to professional work.

If you answer YES to the question earlier, I made a list of couple of tips that will help you start getting some clients.

Have Examples Ready

When clients are considering hiring you, one of the biggest things they look at is your examples of previous work. You might not have any examples of work, but there is a very simple solution to this.

What you can do is you can go to local businesses and offer free promotional work. This way you can start building your portfolio work and you can also start building those connections with those local businesses.

But if you are scared to approach a local business, you can go to a zoo or an aquarium or something and then you can take pictures or video and just come out with something that looks professional.

Reach Out

I was always so used to clients reaching out to me first for the work I did on promotional videos previously. But when I started running out of work, I wasn’t sure what to do. Thanks to a friend who is really good at marketing gave me some good advice on reaching out to new clients.

He told me that – In this competitive field, you really need to gain clients faith and show why your work really stands out above all the rest of the competition. If you are like me, you really don’t like your hard work rejected or being not good enough.

Act Confident In Your Abilities

As mentioned before, you should have already asked yourself if you are ready to step into professional work for photography, videography or video editing, but you also need to convince your potential clients that you are ready.

When you reach out, make sure you sound confident and also be confident when you are naming these prices for your work.

Build A Reputation, And Network

In my opinion, this is the most important tip you can read in this article and I feel like it is something that’s often so ignored by people for so long. Going back to when I mentioned how before I never had to reach out to people because they always came to me. This is because I have good networking and started gaining a good reputation.

That’s pretty much it. Hopefully this helps you out in getting some new Photography, Videography and Video Editing clients.