Photoshop is a powerful photo editing tool. It’s a popular software amongst the photography world as it lets you add effects and other changes that you wouldn’t usually get from a regular camera.

Thus, an artificial way of enhancing a lousy photo to make it look stunning. But all this doesn’t come free.

There are subscription packs that you have to pay before you are allowed to use the complete set of features.

These can range anywhere from $29,99 per month, or an annual plan can set you back $239,88.

But looking into the 21st century, and you can see that several people are using photoshop for their good or someone else’s bad.

Hence, is it a boon or a curse that we can use photoshop and make things look better in a photograph. Let’s find out.

photoshop boon or curse

Is Photoshop A Boon In Photography?

Complete Transformation of A Picture

The primary aim of photoshop is to make the picture look many times better than the original.

It’s a great tool that helps in implementing great features such as upgrading a downgraded photo to a higher resolution, cleaning a gradient picture to make it look new, etc.

But the best part of photoshop is that all the flaws and uncertainty of the picture are removed to give you a clean and likable image.

Feature Filled Software

Photoshop is loaded with features.

It’s a software that has all the photography effects packed into one platform that gives you the key to obtaining the image that you want.

Features such as stroke smoothening, color masking, copy-paste layers, pain symmetry, brush organization, HDR correction, variable fonts, and much more are packed into the software.

Also, the software never stops to add newer features.

So, expect some fun-filled effects to play with over the time that you own the software.

Transforming The Entire Look And Feel of The Image

The software was primarily designed to give users the power of converting a photo into something different.

Keeping this in mind, the features that are mentioned above provide unlimited access to users to change the way a photo or image might look.

Your imagination is the limit to the changes that you can bring about in the particular image.

Ease of Getting The Desired Type of Photo In Any Format Is Achieved Utilizing Photoshop

Photoshop not only allows you to convert the picture to what you wish, but you can export the image to whichever format you desire.

RAW, jpeg, and several other options are available through which the quality doesn’t get affected.

In case you own adobe’s video editing software, then you can easily import the edited photos directly onto the timeline of the video editing software.

Through adobe cloud services, photoshop helps in sharing of these newly developed images all across your social media platform with a click of a button.

Mixing Different Layers of A Photograph To Get A Stunning Image Wasn’t Possible Before The Advent of Photoshop

Editing photos to its core is a task that many software’s fail to deliver.

Photoshop provides extensive features where you can merge photos, overlay them on top of each other, play with different modes, and whatnot.

It’s a platform that provides you with so much, that the entire outlook of a particular image might change by the time you are done editing the specific image.

Or It’s A Curse?

The Ability of A Photographer To Click Good RAW Images Goes For A Toss

Since the advent of photoshop and its powerful features, photographers these days don’t prefer to put much effort into getting that perfect shot.

Instead, using photoshop to get the color balance and other defects, just right is what they would do in the end.

Thus, with little surface areas to play with, photoshop delivers excellent results and makes photographers lose their importance in the process.  

The Primary Skill And Effort That Goes Into Clicking A Good Photo Are Lost Within The Photographer

The work that goes into getting that perfect photo is tremendous.

Yes, there are so many aspects that you have to get ideal if not the picture wouldn’t come outright.

The lighting, contrast, white balance, saturation, and many other things have to be adjusted within the camera for a photographer to showcase their skills and talent in snapping some mind boggling pictures.

But then ever since photoshop came into existence, even a person snapping shots from their phone can get professional-level photographs with a couple of edits.

All thanks to the ability of photoshop.

False Engagement of Photoshop By Celebrities

Often you might have seen that celebrities look dashing and utterly free of any wrinkles or body defects whatsoever.

But then it’s the magic of Photoshop that helps in achieving these results.

Several celebrities happen to use photoshop to make themselves look way younger than what they already are.

And thus, creates a false impact on the general public thinking that they are prefect and long to become more like them.

It’s a corrupt practice that needs to be stopped as it causing a bad influence on the newer generation and not making them appreciate what they have.  

Controversial Impact On Society

With the ability to do anything with an image, people often use photoshop in the wrong way to spur up some form of news.

All this is done by taking a prevalent personality and photoshopping them doing something controversial.

Which then goes viral and causes a lot of problems for the person in the picture and about their reputation.

Thus, causing confusion amongst the public and stirring up false news that could lead to severe consequences in the end.


It’s a personal take on weather photoshop is a boon or a curse in the world of photography.

Yes, when used in the right manner, you can do wonders with photoshop.

But if it falls in the wrong hands, then it’s a killing machine to end someone’s career or life entirely.

But based on an individual’s usage, it could either be a curse or boon.