Later on having used After Effects for a while I have developed to greatly value the utility of some special scripts. Something to realize is that you need not have experience in writing scripts, but rather merely to recognize how to get After Effects to recognize them. All that really entails is dropping a script file into your script folder from the application menu. Anyway, that will be described when you download them. Some will make a handy little UI from within After Effects via the underside of the window menu or others you will run from file/scripts. Here are 5 Powerful After Effects Scripts That Will Blow Your Minds.

5 Powerful After Effects Script

Animation Patterns

animation PATTERNS is a keyframe based easing assistance, that allows you to edit and create new easing types.It comes with a dockable palette, a set of default interpolation methods like bounce, rubber, pendulum, and is very easy to use!

Make sure you watch the tutorial on that one because it has a good amount of power and customization. I’m sure that hand animating stuff is often a safe route, but sometimes that can be harder than you want it to be and you just want to slide text to receive a little extra something.

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Oh man, don’t you hate when you have a lot of layers that you want to just stagger by a few frames? Or maybe randomize a ton of layers? Rift is for you. Turn minutes into seconds.

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Copy to mask

Oh man. This is probably going to be one that now you know exists makes you want to go back in time and deliver it to some pissed of past version of yourself. Have you ever made a mask on a layer only to realize that the layer was shifted all weird or whatever? And then you past that mask onto another layer and gets positioned all weird and then you have to hand position it? Only perhaps you threw a lot of keyframes on the way? Copy to mask fixes that problem and pastes it exactly how you require it.

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True Comp Duplicator

Alright, here is another one that is a serious life saver. So, say you have a complicated comp, full of ton of other comps, etc. Well, this lets you make a duplicate of a comp and it makes duplicates of all the children comps within it. if you manually duplicate a comp in your library all the children comp are not duplicated. So, lets say you have comp A which contains within it comp B. You make a duplicate of comp A and now you have A2.

Well, that A2 still has B inside it. If you altered B it would also effect the B inside A…well, because it’s the same comp. True comp eliminates that. It goes and duplicates everything. Trust me, you will someday want this if you haven’t already.

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Magnum the edit detector

I included this Script here just to blow your minds. This After Effects Script Automatically detects edits in footage. To use it you simply select a footage layer in a comp, set the work area to the region you’d like to find edits and tell Magnum to go to work!

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