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Marvel’s Logo Reveal Template


Marvel’s Logo Reveal Template is an Adobe After Effects project file to create Marvel Studios like opening screen with customizable text and images.

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What’s Included In The Project

Marvel’s After Effects Template includes a main project file in .aep format, Marvel font file along with a background audio file.


In total, there are 15 customizable image slides in this template.


Marvel Template GIF optimize

Getting Started With Marvel’s Opening Screen Template

There are 4 main compositions in the Project File.


The Text Composition can be used to edit the Text.


Images comp can help you re-align or correct the movement of the images animated in a Flipbook manner with Position Keyframes.


The ‘Marvel Opening Template composition’ is the actual composition where all the elements are composited together.


The ‘Final Render composition’ is the Pre-composed version of the ‘Marvel Opening Template composition’ to bind everything in one and final layer.


Marvel Opening Screen Free After Effects Template


How to Change the Text in the Project File

There are two text layers in the Text Composition.


The one at the top is for creating the Black Outline of the text and the other one is the actual text layer.


You have to change the text in both the layers.


Marvel Opening Screen Free After Effects Template

How to change the Background Images

To change the background Images, you have to replace the Image files which are inside the Image folder.


This can be done easily by right clicking on an image and selecting Replace Footage > File or using the Keyboard Shortcut key CTRL + H.


You can then browse and import new images from your computer storage.


Marvel Opening Screen Free After Effects Template


Replacing Images by above method will affect your Images Comp, maybe due to change in Image resolution.


Go into the Images comp and check the animation, you can adjust any defects by using the Position keyFrames.


Marvel Opening Screen Free After Effects Template

Changing the Size of the Text

To increase or decrease the font size,  navigate to ‘Marvel’s Opening Template Composition’ and select the 3 Text Layers highlighted in the image below.


Marvel Opening Screen Free After Effects Template


Press ‘S’ on your keyboard to bring out the Scale values.


Changing these value will change the font size of the text but make sure to keep the scale value same in all 3 layers.


Marvel Opening Screen Free After Effects Template


Marvel’s After Effects Template is compatible with After Effects CS5.5 & above.

Third Party Plugins

This After Effects Template does not require any third party plugins as it was created entirely with in-built After Effects tools and features.

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