Last year, fayteq has released their camera tracking and matchmoving plugin fayIN for Adobe After Effects CC in three new editions. Since then, fayIN Gold is on sale and offers some new opportunities for video editors and motion graphics artists. Unlike the previous versions, fayIN Gold finally allows users to export their tracking data in After Effects what assures a lot of new possibilities. Fayteq’s newly released tutorial shows fayIN’s promising tracking process in combination with the integration of a 3D model created with Maxon’s Cinema 4D.

Sure, there are already a lot of existing tracking solutions that work pretty good. However, there are some cool features and benefits the plugin offers. Here’s an overview of the three most remarkable.

Don’t change the workflow, optimize it.

fayIN is a fully embedded plugin for After Effects CC and complements AE with an improved tracking approach. This way, users benefit from a facilitated and faster tracking workflow AND staying in After Effects with access to all Adobe features and functions. Plus, they can keep using their current workflow with Cinema 4D, Element 3D or Blender but profit from an easier integration in their live action footage.

fayIN matchmoving after effects

Accelerate the tracking process.

fayteq promises a faster matchmoving workflow with fayIN due to the plugin’s automated and powerful tracking process. Less clicks compared to common tracking approaches, no key-framing and no manual data entering should speed-up and lighten the tracking process. Adjustments can be quickly done and also an instant exchange, reposition or addition of inserts is possible. This leads to a remarkable time saving.

Focus on the insert, not on tracking.

With fayIN, users don’t need to care much about the tracking and can fully concentrate on their insert. The newly gained time is well-invested in creative tasks like the creation of stunning effects, 2D or 3D models. No extensive trainings or tracking know-how are necessary to integrate awesome graphics and models. fayIN makes it stupidly easy to track in After Effects.


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