Technology is changing faster than we can take advantage of it. Taking into account the rapid acceleration of technology in the field of film making, film makers and video producers have to choose the best option for getting their equipments – Buy or Rent.

If you are working on a big project, say a feature film, it makes the most sense to purchase the equipment and than sell it once the project is completed. But, if it is a small project where you can shoot and edit in a day or two and where the income potential is relatively low, Rent the equipments instead of buying.

Websites like Borrow Lenses offer Film Making equipments rental through online ordering and also offer relatively inexpensive pricing. At Borrow lenses, you can easily rent a Canon 5D Mark III for $143 for a whole week.

Renting Film Making Equipments

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To help in finding rental options, here is a list of International Film Making Equipments rental providers.

Rental Provider Customer Service Email Contact Phone Number
Abel Cine (888)223-1599
Borrow Lenses 650)508-3370
Lens Pro to Go contact (877)578-4777
Lens Rentals (901)754-9100
MP&E Equipment contact (512)485-3131
Pro Photo Rental contact (303)588-6799
Rent Glass (913)732-4781

Film Making Equipments Rental Providers in India

Rental Provider Customer Service Email Contact Phone Number + 91-9820070677
Wiggle Media

Ensure whatever project you’re working on the cost of the camera rental is built into the quote for your client.


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