Apple no longer supports QuickTime for Windows and thus users are now encouraged to uninstall the program immediately. Antivirus vendor Trend Micro and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has raised a warning that the software is vulnerable to a pair of zero-day exploits.

QuickTime for Windows has not been updated by Apple since January and there are no further plans to release any more security patches. Trend Micro notes that even Apple recommends Windows users uninstall the player. QuickTime for Mac is unaffected and remains supported by Apple.

We need QuickTime player to work with Adobe applications such as Mocha, After Effects and Premier Pro. Since you are meant to uninstall QuickTime on windows machines, you can resolve the security vulnerability by reinstalling QuickTime without the player.

Below is a How-To guide by reddit user TheGreatSzalam which will help you solve this issue on Windows platform.

Possible workaround for QuickTime security issue from AfterEffects

Adobe has an official post on the issue. They are going to be adding native support for some of the most popular QuickTime formats in their video applications.


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