Event photography is one of the most difficult types of photography in terms of sharing with your clients. With most clients/events, you cannot simply post photos onto a public web page and expect clients to purchase those they like. With all clients, even your careful selection of the best photos can never exactly correlate with their subjective opinions. What you need is a secure communication channel.

Whether you build your own website to communicate with your customers or use the services of a photo sharing portal, it is good to remember a few features that will help you attract new customers and provide the best services to your existing ones.

event photography

Managing the look of the site

When a potential client reaches your homepage, he/she should definitely see as many photos as comfortably fit the screen with informative titles and descriptions. Make the time to create preview referential albums with public photos. On some sites, you can display such albums on your homepage with few clicks and forget small thumbnails and chaos.

Part of the issue with own sites may be the number and variety of viewing devices. However you decide to present your photos, always check whether such a site, blog, etc. is displayed correctly on smartphone screens or tablets as well.

Improving customer satisfaction

The two core systems that determine whether your clients invite you to a second and third event are access and selling itself. Access isn’t represented solely by privacy needs of your corporate clients, it is also about the clarity of organization, especially when an opening ceremony has its public, private and VIP quarters.

Most photographers tend to rely only on passwords or client accounts to provide their clients with their relevant content. But this approach is hardly suitable for family events and even many corporate clients. Much better option than to require passwords is to send an email with a link that allows the recipient access to an otherwise protected photos. Or, make the albums invisible without the url. Private and nobody can say the link looks suspicious.

Still, the superiority of a well-crafted system for email invitations is the ease of revoking access or the setting of an expiration date. With some photo sharing sites, email invitations include the tracking of hits and bulk management making them usable for close to everyone.

Selling with a return for you and your customers

Of course, if your website won’t allow your clients to purchase anything, it doesn’t amount to much. Acceptance of cards, processing of online payments, 24/7 service, and security are very important. A clear sales statistic is convenient, but your clients won’t find it important. The first thing that they focus on is what they can see. Use a good photo selling service and let your clients savor the photos without interruption.


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