Earlier I went out with my Canon 60D and shot a low light video at 6400 ISO. This time, I decided to shoot a Slow Motion Video at 50 FPS or Frames Per Second to see what results I achieve after editing the video in Post.

Canon 60D can only record Slow Motion 50FPS video at HD resolution (1280 x 720), and recording Full HD (1920 x 1080) shots is impossible with this camera.

Earlier while I was researching online about resolutions and FPS of Canon 60D, I read somewhere that it can record HD videos at 60 FPS but after getting the camera and going through the settings, it was 50 fps and not 60 fps.

The overall quality of the video shots at 1280 x 720 and 50 fps is good, considering the ISO being lower than 1600. With high ISO values, shots can be grainy and can spoil the look and feel of videos.

Take a look at the Video I shot in Slow Motion at 50 FPS with Canon 60D. Though the dogs in the video are very much still, you will be able to notice the slow motion effect if you watch carefully. I used After Effects to edit the video and did some Color Grading with Color Finesse which is a color correction tool in After Effects.

Dreams – Canon 60D Slow Motion Video at 50 FPS

Watch This Video on YouTube

In future, I will shoot some more slow motion videos with this camera and upload them on my Vimeo and YouTube channels.


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