Smooth Final Cut Pro X Transitions – a unique set of over 60 various smooth flowing transitions that ease your footage in and out. However, these transitions are built out as title layers! This means you can easily create transitions without the need of overlapping footage from one clip to the next.

There are 64 various Smooth layer transitions to choose from. The layer transitions range from the simple left and right directions to more complex transitions that involve rotation and zoom.

The transition icons are simple and explanatory. Directional arrows indicate the direction the movement will happen, Plus and minus signs indicate zooming in and out. Circles arrows show that the direction will rotate, and the faded double circles mean that when you put these two transitions together, the movement bounces back the direction it came from. Also, choose from one of four varying intensity motion blur layers and add motion blur to your transition!

You can simply drag and drop a title layer over your footage at any point (even if the clip isn’t sliced) and move them around easily. It also affects all of the clips below wherever you place the layers. This creates such an ease of use and saves you time, plus you can combine layers for any smooth effect you want.


Smooth was created exclusively for Final Cut Pro X. You can find it in the titles browser under Cineflare Smooth. There are 32 layer transitions to choose from.

The beginning and end transitions are paired together by numbers. The icons show the direction and style of the transitions.

Drag a Begin layer transition over the desired clip, then place the same numbered End layer transition right next to the Begin layer.

Smooth Final Cut Pro X Transitions

Title layers is a unique way to transition between clips since you don’t need to worry about overlap, and you can transition between anything and everything that is below the title layer including text and graphics.

Mix, match and combine the title layers for thousands of combinations. Maybe instead of continuing the same flow of movement, you’d like the transition to start out as a simple left movement then end in a zoom out? No problem… just make sure you stay consistent with the Begin transition at the front and End transition after that.

The layers default to a length of about 0.5 seconds but you can change the duration to taste. Each title has one simple parameter – AMOUNT, which controls the amount of strength of each move.

These Final Cut Pro X transitions gives you amazing moving transitions in a unique editing style that is superior to normal cut transition effects. Push, zoom and spin your footage for some dynamic editing.

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Smooth Final Cut Pro X requires Noise Industries FxFactory to run (Free download), and works exclusively in Final Cut Pro X (10.3 or later).


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