Disable Live Preview during Rendering a project and speed up Adobe After Effects Renders with this simple and Quick Tip. All you need is a Caps Lock Button.

The Last step in every After Effects Project is Rendering which is the most time consuming and boring if you have a fairly large project. Though Rendering speeds depends mostly on your Workstation’s hardware, there are few things to tweak inside of After Effects which may speed up things a bit.

The most common of all is allocating more RAM and Disk Space for caching or enabling After Effects Multiprocessing which Renders multiple frames simultaneously (check out After Effects preferences).

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Also, if you are facing crashing issues while rendering, you can try out a simple trick which might help you avoid failing renders.

But with this simple quick tip, you will notice some drastic increase in After Effects rendering speed.

In After Effects, enabling Caps Lock disables the live preview, but enabling it while working on the project is not a good idea (it is impossible to work with live preview disabled). So, once you finalize your composition and add your project to the Render Queue, Enable the Caps Lock and then click on the Render button. The Live Preview wont work any more but you will surely notice the increase in rendering speed.

You can also enable the Live Preview any time during rendering by disabling the Caps Lock.

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